impulse buy.

I cannot stop playing with the holiday textures over at Picnik. New obsession.

Last week I had a terrible day. It was an Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day day. There were tears, exhaustion and it all got worse when, while fueling my car, the auto stop on the pump failed and seven gallons of gas spilled out onto the ground...and my cute shoes. And they made me pay for it.

That was it. I needed retail therapy, and it needed to be big.

A sewing machine had been on my mind for a few years, but I could never justify the $100 price tag. But last Saturday? Totally justified. So, this came home with me. Meet Eleanor, who has already cranked out a few Thanksgiving table runners and has lent a hand in a few other projects.

Why didn't I do this sooner? Best. Purchase. EVER.


  1. There is so much therapy in making things. And a sewing machine is among the most useful. I'm excited to see what other creations you can come up with.

  2. How much do I love that you named your sewing machine Eleanor? SO MUCH! And I'm definitely going to go check out this holiday textures feature at Picnik. Fun!

  3. Sounds like your Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
    turned out to be a blessing in disguise! And Picnik is SO FUN isn't it?!

  4. Oh she is wonderful! I have wanted a sewing machine for ages but cannot sew so haven't been able to justify it yet.

  5. awe sweets....so happy you treated yourself to lovely eleanor! i'm sure you two will spend many an hour together creating and become great friends...how wonderful!! i can't wait to see all the beautiful creations you will come up with...

  6. Best way every to turn around a bad day

  7. well hello Eleanor!

    I've always wanted a sewing machine. However, I A. have no place to put it and B. don't know how to use one.

    Hmm.. I wonder if the second reason is really that vital ;)


  8. It's funny: we both blogged about new appliances today. It's the little things in life that make us happy, isn't it Beth?

    Am happy to meet your Eleanor--which is also one of my future daughter's names. :)

  9. Isn't it wonderful when retail therapy helps? Especially when you get such a fun tool out of it!

  10. I have an "Eleanor", although I haven;t named her....maybe I should hmmm.
    And that purchase is totally justified. She'll provide you with plenty of creative projects.

  11. This is a definite justified purchase :) Think of all the lovelies that you will be able to create with this. Ohh and I will have to check out those holiday textures. x

  12. It's a beauty. Have fun with it!

  13. I want a sewing machine too! she's beautiful! and you can't go wrong with the name Eleanor! ;)


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