the last of 2010.

After flight cancellations, hours of delays, and being told multiple times there was no way I'd make it to California before January 1st...I did the impossible, and made it here. Gabriel and I met up with our best friends in Ghiradelli Square and are loving the Fairmont Hotel. The four of us had grandiose plans of living it up on New Years, but the ratio of sick friends to healthy ones is currently 3:1. Instead we're laying low....eating chocolate and watching the fireworks from our living room window.

But I don't mind, because tonight I'm lying here...

Lovely, right? The lumpy bedding is my bestie's and my fault. We couldn't resist flopping down before snapping a shot.

Our suite is enormous, and looks directly over San Francisco Bay. Oh, and it smells like chocolate all throughout this place. Can the end of 2010 get any sweeter?

I argue that it cannot. Happy New Year, wherever you are. :)


  1. sounds pretty divine! Happy New Year Bethany! xox

  2. Happy New Year, dear Bethany! I love a Fairmont Hotel... I'm so happy you made it to California and so did Gabriel. Hurrah! Hope 2011 is simply magical!

  3. i want to go to there

    Love it! :)
    Happy New Year!

  4. Wishing you a truly fabulous, happy and healthy 2011 Bethany!

    So glad to hear you all made it together safely.

  5. I wanna live in that hotel!

    Have a wonderful New Year make most of the time you have with Gabriel!

  6. i am so glad you made it!!! Hope you all feel better soon.

  7. Happy New Year. That looks like an awesome hotel. I'm so excited for you. Your life is like an exciting book and each time I open my reader I'm excited to read what's on the next page of Bethany's life. You're an inspiration and am loving that you're living life to the fullest- following your dreams and just going for it. I can't wait to see what 2011 brings for you. I'm sure it will be filled with blessings and success beyond belief.

  8. looks wonderful! I wouldn't be able to resist jumping on the bed either :) I hope you had a wonderful New Years! yay for 2011! :)

  9. Happy New Year!!! I'm glad you were able to capture a picture of your hotel bed...I jumped INTO mine & fell asleep before we could take a picture :)

    P.S. Hello, Gabriel!!!!

  10. When they film the movie based on your story, they won't have to look for a hotel, they can just get permission from the Fairmont!

  11. Happy New Year lady, have a wonderful time with your sweetheart!

  12. Happy New Year - I hope it was amazing!


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