late entry.

I know, I know. I said I don't like to write about things I'd like to buy...but might I submit one late entry for my Wish Lust? Because it's inexplicably perfect?

Yes? Okay. These.

In two weeks, a luscious one month Christmas break awaits me. I'll be traveling to and fro, and I'm dying to find a few things to fill my travel time. Check out Jessica's blog to take a crack at winning some of these for yourself!

In other news: I lived through a blizzard this weekend. By myself. With spotty internet. And limited food supply. I'll be back tomorrow with tales of horror, and a real blog post that doesn't revolve around things I'd like to purchase. Be excited.


  1. These are beautiful and should definitely be on the wishlist!

    I am desperate for tales of snow right now as we are forecast it from the end of this week right through to well into the new year.

    Look forward to hearing all about the white stuff.

  2. These really are gorgeous - I love all the hairstyles. Oh I am so excited about the christmas break - I have six more days of work left.

  3. Nothing like a blizzard to remind you having some extra food in the house is a good idea in winter! Hope you are staying warm.

  4. Umm.. I'm excited about this post! I am dreaming of having those hang in my non-exhistant guest room!

    So PS.. I've already decided that when I do have a guest room, it will be red and aqua and filled with whimsical things. I will call it the "Bethany Room".



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