one day.

Today is a day of 'one'.

One day left at my desk: My last day.
One day which Gabriel spends traveling out of Iraq: His long day.
One day until we're face to face for the first time in four months: Our loving day.

If you're the prayerful type, we wouldn't mind some. Rarely do I fret over travel plans, but any time an armored caravan must escort someone you love through something called "The Red Zone"...I feel it's not too silly to send up a few extra prayers for safety. And on a smaller scale, my heart feels delicate as I clean out my desk drawers; packing up cards and photos, silly little work mementos from the last five years. I'm trying my best to say a tear-free goodbye to my work family...or at least save my tears for the drive home.

Tomorrow I fly out of Wisconsin, and meet Gabriel on a layover in Denver. Then we'll be on our way to California! The next 24 hours will be a teaspoon of sadness, a half cup of nerves and a pint of hugs. But all told its a recipe for one exciting end to 2010.

...and a fantastic beginning to 2011.


  1. My prayers, thoughts and very bestest (not sure it's a word!) of wishes are sent your way dear girl - here's hoping the days to come are completely fabulous!

  2. What an exciting time for you!

  3. I am so freakin excited for you guys! I'll be thinking and praying and all that! Hope today goes quickly!

  4. Best wishes for all your travel plans. And soak up some sun for me!

  5. Oh I am thinking about you so much today! You must be so anxious/excited/... all at once.

    Best wishes that you travel safely, dear girl!

  6. sending prayers your way!! what an exciting day - lots of changes - and all for the best! :)
    hoping you guys have a great time together! (obviously, you will!)

  7. Sending out positive thoughts and prayers! :)

  8. All the best to both of you! Again, lovely blog.

  9. Sending tons of positive thoughts for your lover's journey back to you !

    By the way, and this is completely off topic, I've found your blog a few days ago and I just love it! And I think you look absolutely stunning

  10. So excited for you :) Nothing is better than seeing your love home from deployment, especially this time of year.

  11. Happy New Year to you and le garcon! Have a safe and fantastic trip!


  12. Done! Prayers your way that your sweetie has an uneventful trip home.
    And then California....??? for vacation or forever??? I'm confused.

  13. I hope you have safe travels and enjoy your time together x


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