twas the night before...

T'was the night before finals, and throughout my home
I'd kept my life quiet, so I could study alone.
My flashcards were printed and shuffled with care
And meant to assure I'd write essays with flair.

My pencils were sharpened, so snug in a row
All that was left, was to get in the know.
I settled myself down, right down in my seat
And did try my best to plant my two feet.

Just then from my mind, an idea came springing,
"I must bake some brownies, and I'll do so while singing!"
And, my, from the kitchen there arose such a clatter,
With whisking and humming while mixing that batter.

But all of this busyness didn't stop there,
I filed my nails, and brushed my long hair!
I cleaned out my fridge, and sorted my clothes
I folded the "yes's" and threw out the "no's".

My laptop turned on, and I did some Googling,
I caught up on blogs, and spent some time ogling.
Photos were edited, and emails were written
I spotted some shoes with which I was smitten.

My pile of studies were all but forgotten,
Who cares about Giotto, when there's virtual shoppin'?
But then, in that moment, the clock did strike ten
And waves of anxiety hit me again.

What had I been thinking, to cast studies aside?
And now I was tired, my brain was so fried.
I grabbed one more brownie, too exhausted to fight,
"Good evening to all, I'll be up at dawn's light!"


Does anyone else suffer from procrastination like I do?

To the extent that you'd write a lengthy poem to avoid studying for a class that comes easily to you?

Just wondering if I have a serious problem...


  1. Nope! Not just you. I have to get up in six hours and I'm procrastinating at this very moment. You're not alone :)

  2. Um so this is the coolest thing I have read in ages, you are such a talented writer! Goodluck with the study.

  3. That is totally me during report card writing season. I have never had a cleaner bathroom than when I should be writing my reports!

    Cute poem...

  4. Love your poem - it's a great start to my day! (and a pretty accurate reflection of how anything is preferable to settling in for that last bit of study) My grades were posted yesterday, I'm CLEPping today, and then on to stocking stuffers and travel plans!
    Merry Christmas, Bethany. Enjoy your time with Gabe. (I appreciate his service)

  5. Definitely not just you! Thankfully, my finals were last week and I'm finished now. However, the only subject I didn't procrastinate on studying was Bio, and that's because I'm terrible in that subject!
    Also, I loved the poem!
    Good luck on your finals, :)
    <3 Kiersten

  6. pretty much LOVE this post and your adorable blog-so happy i stumbled upon it:) and yes, i procrastinate like it's my job. you'd be amazed at how many things you can find to clean when you're supposed to be studying:)

  7. I totally did this when I was in school... and still in real life, I will do anything and everything to avoid those jobs I don't want to do.

    And that is why there are 3 mountains of clean laundry overtaking my bedroom waiting to be folded. I told my husband I'd do it by the time everyone came over on Christmas eve, but still I'd rather sweep up pine needles for the 100th time.

  8. haha that's wonderful. it's not fair that finals are so close to christmas! too much excitement. best of luck!

  9. This is fabulous! I remember organizing my sock drawer (really!) with great fervor during university finals. Silly girl. But you know what? It all worked out fine & I'm sure it will for you too!

  10. this is why I can't go back to school. I do the exact same things when up against a deadline. Except I can't write funny poems like yours.

  11. I love it!
    I used to be the exact same way when I was a student.
    ANYTHING to avoid studying.

  12. Awesome poem! You definitely have a talent for words! I hear you! I used to think I was the Queen of procrastination.

    Sweet blog! I'm off to read some more.

    Rambles with Reese


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