up before the rooster.

Much love and many thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. My guy made it safely out of Iraq and into D.C, where he's exhaustively waiting for a connecting flight. Strangely enough, as I write from the tiny airport in my bitty town, I'm watching a soldier say goodbye to his pajama-clad little baby girl before heading off to Iraq. Sigh. My heart aches watching it.

Signing off at 4am from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Upcoming destinations in the next 24 hours: Too many to count. Too excited to list. Too early to think.

Happy Thursday. :)

P.S. In clarification: I'm not going to California for good. Just vacation. I'm not ready to leave the Midwest for good...yet. And as an update...I did not cry on my very last day of work. Hooray!


  1. Happy to hear your honey has made it home....i know when Gideon (my cousin) was over there it felt as though i couldnt breath until we heard he would make it back ok again each time. My prayers of thanksgiving go out to you. God Bless!

  2. Oh, pretty girl! How sweet that all was. I have too many friends whose loved ones are far away and many who are the ones far away. It's heartbreaking to hear of it all.
    I hope you have wonderful vacation!

  3. Have the most wonderful time together Bethany! Enjoy every second...
    Happy New Year!

  4. hope you have the best of times with him! the photo here is so perfect!! love it!

  5. i am so excited for you!!!! have an amazing time while the rest of us endure midwestern weather!! ;)


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