lesson learned + giveaway.

This I have learned: Do not visit the craft store immediately after kissing your boyfriend goodbye for the next 135 days.  You might say I did some damage. Anything pink, red or frilly went in my basket and I headed straight home where I threw myself into approximately six hours of undivided crafting, pausing only for silly self-pitying sniffles and to stare listlessly at his left-behind sweatshirt.

But, we're getting better at saying goodbye. For example, Gabriel didn't forget to return the rental car this time, and although the past few days have been one teary blur, I do believe I maintained my composure at the airport much better than last time. Hurrah for little victories, eh? :)

Sigh. Pathetic, I know. Now I find myself in this ridiculous self-created world of hearts + frill and lonelier than I truly thought I would be. But, I can think of one thing that always brightens my days....

....is it too early for a Valentine's Day giveaway? Who cares! Leave a comment on this post to win this package of V-day crafting supplies:

Crafting Package Includes...
40 assorted pieces of scrapbook paper
18 gold paper hearts + 12 white paper hearts
15 adhesive die-cuts
8 kraft paper cards
6 yards of assorted ribbon
1 set of pink chipboard letters

If you're feeling industrious do share your favorite V-day memory in the comments, otherwise a simple hello will do. As always, this giveaway is open internationally. I'll announce the winner on Friday, in hopes these goodies will reach the recipient in time to craft for Heart Day.

Happy Monday. :)

P.S. Thanks for all your sweet cheer-up comments + emails last week. You're fabulous.


  1. Oh what a great give away! Maybe I'll be the lucky one!

    My favorite part of Valentine's is getting little home made cards from my son. Sometimes with hand drawn robots on them. Although, I won't lie- I do enjoy pilfering through his candy from class. :)

  2. I've learned lately that any time I go into a craft store is dangerous! :) Just started reading your blog and find it so lovely. What a fun Valentine's give away! I'd love to create some fun heart-day decor with this.

  3. Oh, please, PLEASE let me win! Pleasepleasepleaseplease! Also, can I hire you as my personal decorator ;) ? Your place looks so cozily perfect.


  4. Oh Beth...I have been thinking of you much over the weekend! Hope you're coming through!

    I can't think of a single good Valentine's Day? I can think of one that was just all-around awkward, but not a good one. I think it's mostly because I'm just not a huge Valentine's Day person... :-(

  5. So cute! I'm with you. Once I get into a craft store I start picking out all these marvelous DIY projects that I end up not having enough time to do! I need to stick to one project at a time.

    That's really rough to have to leave your man for so long like that! I think a few sniffles are quite understandable, and what a great way to keep yourself occupied with precious DIY ideas!

    Your home is beautiful! How do you get inspired for your decorating style?

    Favorite Valentine's Day memory..... Wow. I'm not really sure I have one (lots of times we go on a nice little date before Valentine's Day so restaurants aren't crowded). I do love when my friends and I exchange Valentine's though. YES, friends. Love isn't only between a guy and girl. It's fun to spread the love to everyone. :)

  6. Oh Bethany I too have spent a huge amount of the day crafting valentines type things! But I am always up for more and would absolutely love to win your gorgeous bundle.

  7. Oh wow... amazing... although i worked for weeks now on a lot of heartshaped things for this years valentine`s day, i can´t get enough of it! This is just to cute to be true...

  8. Your love story makes my heart melt. I look forward to the updates on your blog (: They make my day.

    Fabulous give away by the way. You know exactly how to start off my Monday!

  9. Hi Bethany! Your decorations have inspired me to get going on my own decorating. My favorite Valentine's Day memories were the ones my Mom made for me in my childhood. She treated it like a small-scale Christmas morning and made a favorite breakfast, decorated the night before and sat our v-day gifts at our usual spots at the dining table. And then later in the day I would find a small valentine from her in my lunchbox. I can't wait to do this with the Little girls! Have a great day.

  10. I've gone crazy making crafts for Valentine's Day, I'd love to have even more things to use :)

    My favorite memory: The first Valentine's I would have had with my husband he was in Afghanistan, but I had our one month old baby girl to keep me company. I dressed her up in the cutest Mommy's Valentine outfit and tried not to be too sad that day. Then the doorbell rang and I got the biggest bouquet of roses I'd ever seen with the sweetest note and a life-sized teddy bear. My husband said he was sorry he couldn't be there but hoped I could cuddle with the bear instead. So that night we slept in bed - me, the bear, and my baby.

  11. your little homemade V-day display is, shut up, adorable!!

  12. You're awesome Bethany. The 4 1/2 months will fly by and soon you'll be in your Valentine's arms again.

    I love our little Valentine tree that the boys and I decorate every year (a big branch from our garden, the year we moved into the house, with lots of little paper hearts clipped onto it- and stuck in a vase full of cinnamon hearts). We always gather round it for a Valentines Day tea party. And this year, my best friend will be here from France to partake in the pink cupcakes and heart-shaped sugar cookies. Hurrah!

    I am loving that pile of crafting loveliness. Pick me, pick me!

  13. I'm a complete and total valentine's day scrooge - which I'm sure has something to do with my chronically single status.

    Even my best valentine's memory is scrooge-ish. While in college my roommates and I decided to throw a valentines day party - but we ordered everyone to come singe - no pairs allowed. We put together a playlist that celebrated singleness - but then completely COVERED the apartment in hearts. Everyone had a blast and for one night those of us who were single felt completely cool with it.

  14. Oh, my favorite V-day memory . . . Valentine's day falls just one week before our dating anniversary and in that first year of dating, my then boyfriend started talking marriage and rings. It is a conversation I'll never forget and the start of our life completely committed to one another. Here we are, almost 9 years later and still in bliss. I'm sorry about Gabe being away but I must say that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, does it not?

  15. Fantastic blog, I've just recently discovered it and I love it.

    Last year my hubby got me tulips which was awesome and a nice surprise because he never does stuff like that.

  16. 1st- your room is super cute!
    2nd- Heck yeah sign me up!
    3rd- My hubby and I were in a long distance relationship when we first started dating we have been together now 10 years and strong. It is tough but I think the connection we had was so much stronger than others because all we did was talk ALL the time, we learned about each other inside and out all of the tear stained pillows at night I wouldnt trade in the world, it made us who we are!

  17. So glad crafting helps you feel better. My fav memory is watching the sunset on the beach with my boyfriend. Just sitting quietly until it went dark.

  18. Oh, silly girl! You are allowed to cry your eyes out if you must. It's never a bad thing to mix crafting and crying.. I say.

    I hand sewed a love book for my husband once. It listed many memories inside each page. And once I framed a hand cut paper tree and about fifty different colored paper leaves that each listed a memory. The leaves sunk happily to the bottom of the framed glass. Those are gifts.. as far as memories.. we love to make a frilly little bag of cuties and have them laid out the night before Valentines Day. for our son. Romance is just as true between and mama and her boy. :)

  19. oh beth, i am thinking about you so much lately. the goodbyes/long distance thing are too much to handle--and 135 days half-way across the world is downright heartbreaking.

    glad you soothed your woes with something as therapeutic as crafting...way more productive than being just a sad lump in front of the tv. :)

    all this heart day eye candy...i can't believe it! definitely not too early--the lucky winner lady will have time to throw it into action!

  20. ooh these craft supplies look so cute!
    my favorite valentines day memory was last year giving my boyfriend a blanket that i knit- he loved it.

  21. i was just thinking about valentines decorations this moning in the shower. i am excited because this will be my first married valenines day. :)

  22. Great giveaway - count me in!

    My husband is a classic grumbler about valentines day - conspiracy theories and undue pressure, etcetcetc. And that's fine - he cooks, he changed diapers and kills snakes for me - no complaints...and he always came up with something for me.
    But somewhere along the line I decided to really drive him crazy and make valentines day a week long event. Love notes (or fancy panties)in his coat pocket, cards (pink or red envelopes of course) delivered to work, little debbie heart shaped cakes, the occasional stuffed animal, scattered rose petals on and on and on. Every day for a week - it wasn't safe anywhere because he never knew what I might come up with. The grumblings have diminished, I'm tempted to say he looks forward to it...
    Several years ago I started a new tradition:
    I send a manilla envelope with my individual valentines, stamped and addressed to this address:
    Attn Valentines
    446 E. 29th Street
    Loveland, CO 80538-9998
    where crews of volunteers hand stamp your valentines, saying they are from "loveland" I don't know what the recipients think, but I get a kick out of doing it. Mail them around Feb 1 and they are delivered on time.

  23. cute giveaway!

    my favorite valentine's day was a week after i got engaged and i had my first REAL ob-gyn visit. (if you know what i mean). the stirrups, the spectrum... it was great.

  24. I have been visiting your blog a little off and on recently. I think maybe I found you via Living a Swell Life. Anyway, having done a long distance relationship before (although not as far or long of separations) :( I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the loneliness. bleh . . .

    I would love to know about your scissors. What are those beautiful handles?

    And I'm not joking, right before I came to your blog I read a post on another blog about hosting a card making party and I jotted a note on my calendar to plan a Valentine making party. We could use these supplies if I win! Fun!

    Okay, now I need to read back and see what you decided about lipstick at the airport when you greeted him. I think that's the last time I read. Kelly

  25. looks like a fun giveaway! My favorite valentines memory.... one year james hid Tigger and ooh valentines all over the house. like 2 boxes of them. it took me a year to find them all!

  26. I confess, I pulled out the Valentine's Day decor already. The apartment look so bare after the Christmas decorations were taken down.

    Hope your retail therapy helped a little :)


  27. My favorite V. Day memory comes from the 4th grade. This boy, whom we'll call T, liked me and I just didn't like him. On V. Day he gave me a box of chocolates and I was completely perplexed! I didn't like him and I didn't want him to think that I liked him. I decided the best response was to give the box of chocolates back to him.

    Later that day I went to my mom's classroom (she was a teacher's assistant) and saw the box of chocolates. I asked her about them and she responded that T had given them to her. He gave her the same box! Unfortunately I don't remember my response from the day, but today it makes me smile to think about.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  28. love love love your decorations!!

    i hope you are holding up without your man! i know that must be so tough!

    to be honest, my fav vday memories are with the girls! my roommates in college used to have a "fancy party" and yummy food like chocolate fondue and sparkling apple cider. so silly, but so fun.
    {no offense to the fiance..:)}

  29. Oh my dear Bethany....
    I'm so sorry that you had to say farewell....we will all be here to cheer you up over those next few months. I know how hard it can be to be apart from your loved one.
    Winslow and I were once apart for 6 months while he was in police training.....it was so hard and I cried so much. No one really understood how much I missed him, how life seemed to be on hold until he got back.
    A special memory though was that Valentine's Day (the same year he was away for training)....he sent me the most beautiful long stemmed roses....and they were waiting for me when I got home from work.
    Thinking of you my dear!

  30. A little shopping does wonder for everyone ;), although I suspect the airport goodbyes never become fully dignified until you are satisfied with a handshake.

  31. I stumbled upon your blog not long ago and I can't get enough. I'm constantly checking back for new posts!

    I try to do something homemade or crafty for Valentines day. Nothing big, just something to mark the day. Baking his favourite cookie or cupcake. This year i'm knitting felted fortune cookies in red and white.

    My favourite memory would be the Valentine's 2 years ago. To avoid crowded restaurants we ordered chinese food, and since we both live at home we decided to find a quiet spot and enjoy a car picnic just the two of us.

    Thanks for a great give away opportunity!

  32. Oh Beth, I feel for you, saying goodbye is never easy. Also it's never to early to start thinking about valentine's day.

    My favorite memory is from my senior year in high school. It was my first heart day with my boyfriend and he came to the dorm for me and handed me a note and it was a scavenger hunt and I went all around finding note after note, leading me to the trunk of his car and he handed me his keys and I popped the trunk and there was a vase of a dozen red roses just for me. We then spent the rest of the day out and about, bowling and going out to dinner after wards. :)

  33. Sending a smile! I remember those sad goodbyes all too well.

    I honestly don't have a Valentine's memory, but I am learning to love the holiday more and more through my love of crafting. Whoever wins that stash will be very lucky!

  34. I hope that missing him gets a little easier everyday, I can only imagine how hard it is too say goodbye for that period of time. I have to admit I dont really celebrate Valentines Day but I enjoy going out for dinner and having an extra excuse to tell my man I love him.

  35. I must confess: I have already started the decorating. I find time between working on assignments and doing laundry.

    Love the little goodies!

  36. Please pop my name in the hat and I'll keep my fingers crossed to win your wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance!
    PS Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will. ~Author Unknown

  37. Crafting seems like the perfect way to keep your mind from wandering into too much sadness.

    No matter where I've been in my relationship status heart-day always seems to add that little bit of bliss back into our everyday winter. Love it!!

  38. Ohh this is a lovely giveaway! I'm a sucker for paper hearts :)

    I hope your Valentine's day is still special!!

  39. awww what a lovely giveaway! so sorry i missed it - you are so sweet to do that! hope your days have been getting a little easier. :)


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