nerds by mail.

My fancy scissors got some facetime in this post. To those who emailed or asked,
my sis gifted it to me...but you can buy yours here. Cute, right? :)

My favorite part about love: silly traditions developed as a couple.

One tradition in particular has stuck with me, even though we're apart. Each night before going to sleep, we find ourselves reading + discussing ultra nerdy factoids. I mean truly, truly nerdy. Things like...the location of the original Vatican, if Gustav Klimt was truly a womanizer (I say he was), the degree to which Pisa Tower is leaning (3.07 degrees) and whether ostriches do bury their heads in the sand (they totally don't).

I miss that. I can't get to sleep now. I just lay there, needing one teensy bit of knowledge and a little more conversation before feeling ready to nod off. Eventually I crawl out of bed and find my way to the computer, where I delve into an article, reading until my eyelids feel heavy enough for sleep.

So, in an effort to send Gabriel a little love...and a selfish effort to combat growing insomnia...I've decided that I'll send him our factoids in the form of postcards. One every night for the next hundred and something days, each clearly marked with its number in our series of postcards. And each bearing lil' creative effort from me.

Here's postcard number one. :)


  1. Brilliant idea Bethany! Isn't it funny how we all establish these little routines etc as couples - my husband and I have so many now. Sometimes we stop and realise how silly it would seem to others but if it makes us happy that is all that matters isn't it.

    Hope your week is going ok and Gabe got back to work safe and sound.

  2. Swoon.. I love the idea! I think that type of thing exactly is the special type of thing that holds two people together. Go you. :)

    Alas, those scissors area heavenly. Give.

  3. You are the sweetest, most clever, thoughtful, adorable person ever! He's certainly lucky to have you!

  4. What a thoughtful way to extend your familiar routine.

  5. I'm sure he will love getting little bits of mail daily! It'll make the time go by quickly for you and him.

    The man that teaches one of my classes starts every day with three random facts. Maybe I'll write some down for you... :)

  6. That's the great thing about the long distance relationship- the mail! I sent so many happy packages to Alan when he lived in London and I was here. And I was always so excited for the long distance phone call (back in the days before Skype! gasp!)

    Your little cards to Gabe are lovely. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to get each and every one, and will feel like you're so much closer.

  7. This is utterly adorable! It's such a fantastic idea and I'm sure the love will flow from each little postcard and the thoughts that accompany them.

    You're really lovely! x

  8. ah i love it....cute & cute. what a great way for him to end each day...you're a sweetie!

  9. that is such an adorable idea. I'm sure he will be much appriciatedl to recieve them ;)


  10. i love this!! the creativity you have amazes me every day. i have so missed seeing your lovely photos and heartfelt posts every day. beautiful. (and what a lucky guy!)

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