relief + giveaway winner.

Can I announce that I am elated this week is complete? It's just been one big ol' pot of emotions. Saying goodbye to Gabriel and learning to be a lil' lonely again, a new semester bringing new classes and spiking my anxiety for a handful of days, and one big ol' thing which, for space purposes, I'll spill about next week.

Cause really, we just all wanna know who won the giveaway, right? Blah, blah, blah...enough about your emotions, woman! Heavens to Betsy you're an emotional disaster!

The winner of the Valentine's Craft pack is.....

The lovely Alivia!

Alivia, shoot me your address via email (wwrinserepeat@gmail.com), and I'll get this package in the mail for you right away tomorrow AM!

Thanks for playing, all. I like giveaways more than I like chocolate cake...for reals. So I'm hoping to cram in one more before Valentines Day...keep checking back.

Happy weekend, beautiful people. :)


  1. Congrats on getting through a tough week. Here's hoping the weekend will be lovely and next week a breeze.

  2. Well done to Alivia! She is one lucky lady.

    Wishing you a less emotional weekend Bethany! Take care

  3. Goin to email you when I get home, but I wanted you to know I just yelled YAAAAAYYYYY! and surely scared all the people around me :) thank you!!!

  4. Okay, so I'm sort of jealous... But as you know, I just won Johanna's valentine candy giveaway, so I'll try not to be too upset ;~)

    Have a marvellous weekend, Bethany! You're that much closer to being with Gabe again, right? Right.

  5. the only reason I didn't enter was I figured if my name got picked people would think this place was a sham and that we were in cahoots.

    I really just wanted to use the words sham and cahoots in one sentence :)

    Seriously though, lucky Alivia. ANd um lucky Alivia for having a gorgeous name. I hope (by now) you're feeling awesome!


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