beauty in chaos + giveaway winner.

In case you've not been watching the news, Wisconsin is in chaos right now. Chaos, I say! (Catch up a little here, if you'd like to know.) All of my classes had walk outs, and I as waited in the halls, "Cancelled Class" signs were tacked up on most every door. From my third-floor perch, sounds of excited protests wafted through open windows, as students held signs proclaiming, "Honk if you love your teachers!"

Meanwhile, I've busied my mind with creating the packages I promised to anyone who requested one. It's tough to keep my mouth shut. My very conservative family + peers would certainly disown me if I truly spoke my mind on the issue. And, in the process it might come out that I voted for Obama. Gasp. There it is. Well, I might as well start looking for an adoptive family.

On to more exciting things:

The winner of this amazing Mama Bag giveway is.....gorgeous Emily of Blissful Inspirations! Emily, drop me an email at wwrinserepeat@gmail.com with your address and the bag will be shipped to you!

Thank you so much to everyone who played along, and an enormous thank you to Beverly of Remember Me Knots for gracing us with your creation!


  1. So cute! I guess I'm with you. My sister and I are the only two liberals in our family so that makes life.... interesting. We mostly just don't talk about politics. :)

    I was so serious about coming to your blog for inspiration when we get a home (instead of this apartment that's already furnished - not our style at all, but hey, it's college).

    Are those cards? They are so amazing! Where do you get all your DIY ideas? Do you just think them up? Thanks for another cute blog post!

  2. PS - Do you have an etsy shop?

  3. So with cancelled classes do you get a refund? You should look into that.

  4. Bethany, I am so over the moon excited about your giveaway!! I fell in love with this bag the second I saw it and couldn't be more excited!! Thank you so much for totally making my day!!

  5. You are the crafting queen!

    Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend and that things in your state calm down soon.

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  7. wow, i feel utterly out of the loop that i didn't know about this happening! crazy.

    don't ever be afraid of expressing your views - at least not here, anyway! :)

  8. No need to find an adoptive family. We love ya even if you made a one-time mistake!??

    I've known about your liberal "bent" since you were in 1st grade and we still raised you like we would have if you were a conservative.


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