wavy lady.

When my trusty curling barrel became hair spray encrusted, sluggish to heat, then finally refused to light up on Tuesday, I knew it was time. As I stood in Target's beautyland,  surveying the ample options of heated tools, I felt mighty gutsy given my latest accomplishments:
  • I've maintained a wildly healthy eating plan for the past fourteen days, breaking it only to eat two Valentine's cookies and eight conversation hearts.
  • Life has been soda-free for over 48 hours, and I have met my water quota every day this week.
  • I've hired a personal trainer, and am already feeling the benefits.
So, gutsy I went, as I stretched tall to pluck the Revlon 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver from its high perch, and pushed away all fears that I'd end up like an electrocuted poodle. For years I've longed for waves, but with my hair's curly, frizzy and course nature I'd never been successful. I had a good feeling about this, though. On my way past the cosmetics, I snatched a tube of bright red lipstick. Confidence in a tube. Just what a girl needs.

The completed look...I LOVE. It added tons of volume to my hair, which often falls flat, and I believe I'll finally be able to pull off headbands. I will tell you this: The beast is a lil' heavy...it's one scary looking appliance. Don't be intimidated, though. After a few minutes, I got the hang of it, and it was so much more fun than my ol' curling iron. It might be just the key to that beachy-carefree style I've long lusted after.

Oh, and: Gabe and I had a Skype date last night...he loved my hair and my new lipstick, telling me several times that I looked gorgeous. I confessed that I was wearing sweatpants underneath the desk. He didn't care. :)


I'm off to Madison, Wisconsin to celebrate my dad's birthday. Unfortuantely our budget didn't allow for a more....tropical...celebration, but I love any excuse to break out my suitcase, so I'm excited nonetheless.

What are you up to this weekend? Whatever you do, may it be lovely. :)


  1. Very cute! If you are into headbands you have to try one from my friend Kelly. She doesn't have many listed in her shop, but she can make one in any color imaginable. I have one and it gets enough complements to make a girl blush.


  2. Getting one! I've wanted hair like that for so long and didn't even realize they made wave iron things hah

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  4. i loveeee it! (you've convinced me to try the waver! and that's a big deal coming from a girl who has somewhat naturally wavy hair and can't live without a chi straightner)

    i love even more that love is confessing to sweatpants and him thinking you're gorgeous anyway! ;)

    happy birthday to your dad!!!

    no big plans this weekend but tonight is double date night with our neighbors and fellow newlyweds :)

  5. SUPER cute hair!! I've seen that contraption before and always figured it would be too difficult to use. I'm fairly uncoordinated & decided it would be futile to attempt it. However, after seeing your adorable waves I'm reconsidering.

    p.s. Huge kudos for getting a personal trainer. The gym intimidates the heck out of me too! Although so does the prospect of having a personal trainer. Hope you'll continue to take us on your journey :-)

  6. I've always been afraid of the 3-barrel iron myself, mostly because I'm scared of what it will do to my fine, flat hair. But maybe I'll give it ago after Frugal February is over :)

  7. you are gorgeous.

    and i'm a little late to the game here, but i so appreciate your posts on weight. i, too, live a constant struggle with weight and everything you say rings true with me.

    my husband eats to live and i live to eat, so he doesn't understand. he has no idea what compulsive/emotional eating feels like.

    i go the gym every day, but i have been thinking of getting a trainer as well. i need help to get rid of 25 pounds. yuck.

  8. i have stood in Ulta with that same iron in hand wondering what it would do to my hair. i love what it did to yours! enjoy the headbands! there are so many cute ones out there right now.

  9. Ahh, totally want one! You look flawless!

  10. Ahh, totally want one! You look flawless!

  11. love hearing the enthusiasm you have for life....your hair looks amazing! carefree, fun and super sweet!
    i could use a pick me up....think i had better grab a tube of red lipstick too to add colour to these winter days! how nice that you had a date last night...and could bat your eyelashes at your fella!

  12. LOVE the waves! seriously wow. gabe is right you ARE gorgeous. and i can't stop giggling about the sweatpants.

  13. Beautiful girl! I'm always seeking to add more volume to my limp hair, so I am glad you reviewed this miracle worker.

    Sometimes we spend all Saturday in sweats at the Hestekin's house...and love it! :)

  14. It takes a certain face to rock red lipstick and you can totally do it. Gabe was right, you look amazing! Hope you're having fun with the fam. Going anywhere overnight is a vacay to me!

  15. Hope you had a lovely time away for your Dad's birthday Bethany.

    Apologies for my lack of appearance in these parts but it was lovely to sit down and read three posts from you with my glass of fizzy (water, I too am trying to be good!) and catch up with you.


  16. I have been eyeing up that contraption for at least 8 months now. I've been guyshy because I wasn't sure if the actual product would look like the model's on the package.

    You have given me hope... I might have to invest.. LOVE the look!


  17. i totally wish my hair would do that! it's stick straight or "wrinkly" - regardless of what i torture it with!

    you look fantastic and i hope you had a great time with dad!

  18. Oh my God, I wish my end result would come out like that :( I have the same waver and when I use it I end up looking like Hermione. The young, puffy haired Hermione, not the gorgeous one.

    I'm extremely jealous.


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