week of stories: the beginning.

It was one year ago today, that Gabriel and I became friends + pen pals. On Friday, I found a small box on my doorstep and raced inside, grasping at sticky packaging tape and revealing a wrapped package and folded note. It read:
Dear Bethany,

I couldn't have hoped for a better time over the past year, except that we would have had more time together. But, I know we have a lifetime of adventures to come. Here's a little something to show where we were the night everything changed.

I love you,
Inside were two books, gorgeously bound historic photos of my city, Eau Claire...and of Santa Cruz. The cities we were in the night we became friends. My city is close to my heart. Although barely noticeable on a map, the city holds more memories than I thought possible. Flipping through the photos, I spotted photos from the 20s, taken just blocks from my apartment and beautiful snapshots of families from decades ago.

My heart started churning over this reminder: Document the past lest it be lost in the future. For six months I've been prodding myself to write about my time with Gabriel, the first week we spent together. It was a mere seven days, yet a whirlwind of travel and romance. Just months ago, memories of it were crisply ironed into my mind. But, in time those crisply pleated memories have become lightly wrinkled, and as months pass, I'll struggle more to remember where we were, what was said and felt.

So, it's time to write it out. Welcome to this week of stories, from day one to day seven.

Tomorrow: Chapter 1. :)


  1. i'm so excited to hear the story!
    and glad that he remembers things like that - so romantic!

    i have that same version of book for my little town - and i loved reading every inch of it! i'm a nerd for history anyway, but it's so fun to see places you know today to be a walmart and parking lot - and see the beautiful woods they once were!

  2. I can't wait to hear the story! You seem to have a love story others dream about.

  3. I can't wait to read your story :) Thanks so much for writing it here!
    <3 Kiersten

  4. AH! You are just so cute! I think it's wonderful to write down memories because, as you said so perfectly, they do tend to wrinkle with time. I'm looking forward to hearing about your story with Gabriel this week. I think we all love love stories.

  5. I am very excited to hear the story!

    However, maybe I missed it, but how did you two lovebirds become pen pals in the first place?


  6. That is such a good idea! Props to Gabriel for being so creative {and romantic}! =)

  7. I'm so excited to hear your stories!

    Any guy who puts together gifts like that is a keeper.

  8. Love the gift! Very thoughtful and sweet of him. Can't wait to "hear" the story!

  9. i'm looking forward to the stories...

    i grew up not far from santa cruz...it's practically home to me. what a great place to find love!

  10. what a gem you have there... truly God's blessing for YOUR life and you couldn't be more deserving.

    i love his gift to you!

    love that he gave you history to remember YOUR history.

    so happy!!!! xoxo


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