for the eager beavers.

When I hosted my first ever giveaway, last Valentine's day after having my heart whirled 'round the blender-o'-love just a few days prior, my super sweet blogger-friend Erin asked, "Can we comment extra times on the last day? I REALLY want to win this." Given that I was in need of some extra sunshine, I said "Why not?"...and lovingly referred to it as Erin's Rule: the rule that allows one extra entry on the very last day of a giveaway. Why? Because it's random. And fun....and the world needs more fun.

We're gonna rock that rule today, too. So my friends, if you're really, really itching to win one (or three!) of the five giveaways from this week, double back and drop an extra comment on those posts anytime Sunday!

Here's the low-down on what's up for grabs:

(enter to win the lotus bloom earrings here)
(enter to win the you+me pencils and classics gifting kit here)
(enter to win 'sweet love' and 'passion' prints here)
(enter to win the patina locket here)
(enter to win a custom address stamp here)

In the meantime, may you have the most wonderful weekend imaginable!


  1. I must apologise for quite possibly the worst limerick ever written... I realised halfway through that it was a bad idea, but I had to finish it off. I can't believe I left my name on it.

  2. You're incredibly sweet. :) Hope you've been having a marvelous weekend Bethany!

  3. Ooh, I'd forgotten about "Erin's Rule"... who is this Erin girl and how does she come up with such fabulous ideas? ;~)

    I am in love with that custom address stamp. I need it! I'm going back to enter right now.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Bethany! And for being so lovely. Happy Weekend to you too!

  4. Ooh, I love Erin & I love Erin's rule too! I am going to enter to win everything in a big frenzy right this second.

  5. Seeing all of these together - convinces me this may just be the best collection of items in a giveaway ever. Thanks again for your generosity, you are an angel.

  6. This was truly such a wonderful week of giveaways and for a great cause. You are a kind kind soul :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Love your blog, it brings a little light and relaxation to my day :-)


Every time you comment, a unicorn gets his wings. Also, my phone beeps and your words bring me joy. :)


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