from a little window on pacific avenue.

In the past ten months I've boarded over 20 flights, and it's official: the suitcase I purchased last spring is kaput. But in all this traveling, the broken suitcases, cancelled flights and boarding calls, I've discovered this: Finding me is easiest when I'm far from home. My mind is clear while pounding the pavement to make it to a connecting flight, or while people-watching from an open cafe window, as I did this morning in downtown Santa Cruz. In those moments, I fulfill no role: I'm simply  existing, delighting in everything around me...even a soggy five mile walk in the afternoon mist. The anonymity of travel leaves me feeling inspired, jotting furiously in my journal, smiling foolishly at locals who must find me looney...gutsy, even. Gutsy enough to slip into a Monday matinee completely solo, happily sipping my grapefruit Izzie in a theatre surrounded by white-haired senior citizens.

Travel just does something to you. Whether it be a journey of 50 or 1500 miles, you pack your suitcase, open your mind to adventure, experiencing anything that comes your way. You leave little pieces of your heart wherever you go and in the strangest way, you'll never be whole again. You'll return home and think of those places often, even visit them again, but they'll never be quite the same.

And so I've decided...perhaps the finest part of travel is in the remembering.


  1. Love this nothing inspires me more then travelling, it makes me realise how much bigger the world is then my little corner.

  2. Can I admit that I'm maybe, possibly, just a little bit jealous? I'd love to travel! Airports amaze me; you can see so many people hustling by of every nationality speaking different languages.....

    I love the view out of the coffee shop window. What a romantic building across the street. :) Thanks for sharing, and glad you had a chance to find Bethany again. :) It's always delightful to discover new facets of ourselves.

  3. I don't travel much, thanks to the demands of job & student loans that demand repayment :P
    But when I am away on holiday, I get the feeling I'm more whole than I've been in a long time.

  4. You put my feelings into words so perfectly. When you travel there are no thoughts of things you "should" be doing - you can just be.

  5. beautifully written and extremely inspiring. thank you for sharing!

  6. Gutsy, eh!? I'd say that's a pretty good description of you.
    Enjoy the trip.

  7. what a lovely view. i hope you're having a marvelous time!

    travel really is fun - you get to revel in the little things - pretty buildings, crazy colored squirrels, etc - things you never notice about home

  8. Is this the window looking out from Noah's Bagels? I have sat in that exact space daydreaming about finding ME after realizing I lost myself in being a mommy. Good for you and have a fantastic trip. xo

  9. I am counting down the days to my next trip. So glad you get to travel your cares away :)

  10. I just got home from the most lovely trip. Feeling a little home bittersweet home, if that makes sense.

    Part of my heart now lies in Charleston.

  11. ah, pacific avenue!

    you are so very close to my home! i should send you over to my parents and you could borrow their guest passes for the monterey bay aquarium. have you been there? it's the best.

    i am very jealous. i would give anything to be home...


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