getting in shape month one: unmentionables.

Warning: If you're my dad, or you're easily scandalized by a woman speaking openly about the effect of exercise on her unmentionables drawer, stop here. I'm a little surprised I'm sharing this, but what haven't I shared here? Weight loss, weight gain, heartache, triumphs and the like. I promised updates about my personal training + diet...so, here it is.

It happened nearly overnight. On Thursday morning, I’d returned home from the gym, showered and dressed just like always. But on Friday, I returned home from the gym, showered and while dressing, suddenly found myself staring at my reflection, aghast at my sagging bra.

Bra shopping had always been easy, six years of living in the same size provided a comforting constant as the rest of me fluctuated within a six size spectrum, feeling itty bitty as a size 8 and quiet unhappy at a size 18. Unlike pants or tops, I knew exactly where I could find my bra size: in the middle of the rack, nestled between the B’s, which seemed much too small in partnership with my hip size, and D’s that seemed overwhelming for my short stature. My size was excellent for a short, curvy girl, and though I’d lost fifty pounds over the past few years…it had never wavered.

But now, after three weeks with a personal trainer, I was seeing the cup half empty. In the last month I’d given up soda, implemented an under 1500 calorie rule, built a 4-day a week gym routine and learned to run on the treadmill for ten minutes without dying. But this? I’d not signed up for a breast reduction.

Of course I’d no other choice than to don a sports bra that day, unfeminine as it might be. Any other selection from my unmentionables drawer would have simply drowned me. It was the best I could do for the day. Saturday would require a trip to the mall to find a few new unmentionables.

And after buying a few new things, I must say: What first seemed disappointing, I now rather like. My necklines can dip a bit lower without raising a judgmental eyebrow, and I can now wear long necklaces, whereas before they hung like a strange bejeweled waterfall over my larger chest. Now they hang sweetly, naturally. Buttons don't pucker across my chest. And I will tell you this: it has opened up an entirely new window of unmentionables…delicate items, free of poking wires, complicated padding or straps that slice into my shoulders.

After chatting with my trainer, I've discovered that this isn't too unusual when incorporating strength training for the first time. Overall: month one of personal training has been great. I've lost seven pounds and done things in the gym I'd never have tried solo.

But, here’s hoping certain things don’t continue to shrink. Although I love the thought of a smaller me, I’d prefer to maintain a few womanly curves.


  1. good job at the gym! 7 lbs in one month is quite an accomplishment. you have been a busy girl with the exercising/apartment hunting etc.

  2. Good job with your working out! That's wonderful! I'm always afraid of my boobs shrinking if I lose weight too... blah!

  3. I just found your blog today and I have to say this post made me laugh a little - Congrats on all the hard work! :) Your blog is cute and going into my reader.


  4. congrats on the hard work that is obviously paying off.
    well done. maybe you can send some of your will power my way? xox

  5. Yay you for rocking the gym routine! I'm kinda jealous of your new underthingies ;)

  6. the same thing happened to me when i was trying to eat more modest portions to lose my baby weight. my pant size did go down, but i was not as excited to see that my bra size did, too. you have a good attitude about it though. i am still mourning the loss...

  7. You are amazing! I'm so impressed with you and your focus and determination! Congrats on losing the weight and good luck with bra hunting, ahem, unmentionable hunting. I think I'd be freaked out at first to go down a cup size (I'm the same C Boat as you were) but I think I'd be ready to lose it if it meant I could lose some junk around my tummy.

    Seriously, congrats on keeping up with your routine and trying new workouts while at the gym! Hopefully when I heal up I can use you as inspiration!

  8. Congratulations on all your hard work paying off!!! :)
    <3 Kiersten

  9. Congrats on all the hard work, you have done good job at the gym.

  10. Awesome! I've always wondered how people doing weight loss programs like you deal with that "area" Keep it up, girl! As someone who has problems with being a little full in that area, I can imagine the relief when you can wear a sweater without being afraid of the 'gap'. :)

  11. Wow...well done! 7lbs is a great loss in a single month! I like smaller so I wouldn't be bothered at all...I think it's neater ;)


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