help for japan + giveaways for you.

(Necklace was a gorgeous gift from Anna of WSAKE)

I was flying to Santa Cruz, last Friday as news of the earthquake and tsunami hit the US. Rushing through layovers and boarding calls, I didn't have much time to absorb exactly what had happened...I just knew it was badOn Saturday, we stood overlooking the bay, counting sunken boats and broken docks. While surprising, what I saw was nothing compared to what had ravaged a country an ocean away. My stomach jumped and turned, strangely frightened by each wave I watched...imagining the emotions of those who had clung desperately to loved ones as their world washed away.

What's a girl to do...especially when she's an ocean away?

 Given that I, a little midwestern girl, had coincidentally found myself in one of the few places in the US effected by the tsunami...on the exact day of the tsunami, it meant I should do something. I could just give money, I know. But, as always, I find it more fulfilling to support causes by spreading the love around. So, next week, I'll be featuring giveaways every day...and each item made by an artist who is donating proceeds to Japan relief projects. All you'll have to do is leave a comment and promise to send some prayers (or good mojo if you're not religious) in the general direction of Japan and you could win.

In addition to giveaways, for each comment left on next week's giveaway posts, I'll be donating a quarter to ShelterBox, an organization sending relief boxes to families in Japan...blessed boxes containing tents, blankets, cooking utensils and other vital items that will make life a little easier.

Please be sure to drop by next week. :)


  1. You have the best, best, best ideas. And I think I might have to get three of these necklaces for myself + two friends.


  2. Lovely plan from lovely you. I'd expect no less!

    Have a good weekend, my dear. I'll be back here Monday.

  3. what a crazy coincidence that you were there. and what a sweet gesture. i will be excited to be commenting.

  4. You are so generous, kind and thoughtful - we need more people like you in the world.

  5. What a sweet and wonderful thing to do. So thoughtful! I will be back next week. :)

  6. What a generous thing that you and your giveaway partners are doing. I, like you, don't know the suffering that is going on personally, but I do realize that it's an event that needs my prayers and good thoughts.

    Thanks for helping me realize it!

  7. That is such a lovely thing you are doing Bethany. I will definitely be sure to pop by next week.


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