a little care: st. patrick's day.

Recently I've had a few comments from those who are also in long distance relationships...so, hello girls. :) We're in this together. I'm making a pledge to share more regularly my care packages, just a few ideas on what to send your guy. Sans the major holidays, in time it gets more difficult to put together a care package...don't you agree?

Well, when it comes to packages: I'm a theme girl. Incase you've lost count, St. Patrick's Day is nine days away. Oh, what's that, you say? No one counts down to St. Pattys Day?

As of 2011 this girl does. Given my international adventure to the Emerald Isle last August, I couldn't help but send Gabe an Irish-themed care package. I spent the last few weeks keeping my eyes peeled for anything green...and a little time convincing myself I could bring candy into my apartment without eating half of it.

Here's what I sent:

1 tin of green nonpareil chocolates
1 tin of green M and M's
Mint truffles
2 pairs of St. Patty's boxers (Do I share that? A smidge embarrassing, but there it is.)
Apple flavored rock candy
Doublemint gum
Chocolate gold coins
This St. Patty's shirt

...and some other green things I can't remember. Because I'm all about the wrappings and trim, when I spotted these downloadable vintage Irish postcards, I plunked them on cream cardstock and modge-podged the crap out of this box.

I am not going to lie to you: It was pretty stinkin' cute. Like something you might find in a leprechaun forest. Gabe was impressed, too. Word on the street is the boys got a lil' jealous of Gabriel's care package. So, last night I whipped up some cookie treat bags for the entire gang. And yes. I'm in the midst of a torrid love affair with paper doilies.

This year, I'm celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a much grander fashion than in years past: a dinner party. Although Gabe won't be here, we decided to start a tradition of cooking a homemade Irish feast each year...what with our tie to Ireland it only feels right. It might be a few St. Patty's days until we can do it together, so for now it's up to me to keep the homefires + traditions burning. This will prove to be especially interesting given that I never, and I mean never, cook. The only true homecooked meal I've enjoyed in the past year was either from mama or Gabriel, who is an excellent cook.

I'll be on a return flight on the real St. Patty's day so I'll be partying a few days later. Say a prayer for me on Saturday the 19th. I might just go down in a blaze of Colcannnon and Shepherds Pie...but I'll die trying.


  1. First off, your care packages are so adorable and so well put together. Gab must love getting a little bit of sunshine while he is over in Iraq.
    Question-how long does it take to send him his packages? Is it expensive or do they have a special for military personnel?
    Happy St. Patty's day to you. I think Ireland brought you a very special gift- your relationship with Gabe! YOu will most certainly have to celebrate the big day.

  2. Mmmm, shepherd's pie... that's Dylan's request for her birthday dinner tomorrow night! (it's totally easy, Beth, I have no doubt you can do it! another good one is Irish stew and soda bread- yum!)

    I, too, am all about the care packages! I used to send all sorts of goodies to Alan on a regular basis, to mark pretty much any and every occasion! And since our love began on a bus in Ireland, St Patrick's Day is one we always celebrate! I'm all for the wearin' o' the green. Oh, and did you know that the leprechauns visit our house every year and leave little clues for the boys to follow in search of a wee pot of chocolate gold? Yep. It's true! I wonder if your future kids will do the same? I have a feeling they might ;~)

    So excited for your best friend time in California!

  3. Oh MY GOODNESS. Why did I just refer to my son as HER in that first comment? Am clearly sleep deprived. Time for a full-caf latte, I think!

    And also, I think it's about time I signed up for exclamation-point-overusers-anonymous. Sigh...

  4. This is the sweetest thing. I absolutely adore (and, admittedly, am a tad jealous of) your talent for putting perfect items together. You are a gift-wrapping wizard! Or maybe fairy. A wizard fairy!

    P.S. Did you ever receive your Valentine?

  5. i love those! i feel like i totally need to get on the ball when it comes to care packages
    thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. first, you are the best girlfriend EVER!!!

    second, this is such a great idea to share because when me and my now husband were hundreds of miles apart for a couple of months, i would have loved to have had a network/inspiration as you are provided.


    and it just makes me smile.

    (ps. i'm so glad you got my little thank-you! so fun!)

  7. What an awesome way to stay close! Your packages are amazing!

  8. How sweet - it's a good thing I'm buying a balloon tomorrow because this post is enough to send me over the edge...
    (I'll also put together a package for my sweetie)

  9. This made me so happy! I've always celebrated the crap out of St. Patrick's Day for obvious reasons. Obvious meaning I love beer and I look good in green (versus easter pastels or something). Anyway, it's not surprising that Gabe's buds were jealous, this package is incredible! I need someone to send care packages to so I can practice making cute & crafty things.

  10. Ooo so lovely package! Ha I normally just throw a bunch of favorite snacks and love notes. I should start getting a lot more crafty. Thanks for your inspiration! I love all your craftiness!

    AND of course your st.Patricks meal is going to be fabulous!


  11. So cute as always! I don't know if I am a big fan of St. Patties day or not? I guess I am always more excited for my birthday that is the day before St. P Day. So it is just a reminder of my bday on its way. I hope when I am 90 years old, I will still look forward to my birthdays like I have since riding my tricycle. Wrinkles, walker, prune juice and all!

    Beverly ~ Remember me Knots

  12. Oh my gosh! I simply adore your care packages. I think they are so beautiful! And who wouldn't want to receive them.

    Plus making those extras. You are truly the sweetest and such a great girlfriend. x

  13. HOLY CRAP. I'm pretty sure I would pay you to package gifts for me. That is just stunning!

  14. You get the cute girlfriend award yet again. How thoughtful of you to include the other guys in the care package business to. They are probably extremely grateful! I think St. Patrick's Day will always be a favorite holiday of yours and Gabe's--you'll get to relive Ireland for a day! :)

  15. You're over-the-top cute! I love when you show us your mail/packages/decorations! All of your ideas are incredibly cute. I think I would have eaten all the cookies and rock candy - oh no!

    What a great idea for you two to really celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Certainly Ireland has a lot of background for you both!


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