love on {modern} film*.

I don't take photos of people, as it makes me incredibly nervous. So, when a newly-engaged friend of the family asked if I'd be willing to snap some playful engagement photos, I was thrust headlong into at least three hours of internal ping-pong. 

Ping. Pong. Ping. 

My poor family happened to be with me as I ping-ponged from excitement over a new challenge, to sincere worries that it was unethical for me, the girl who insists that wise couples should invest in a professional for wedding photos, to say yes to this request. Incase you've not noticed, I'm
soooo not a professional. Honestly. Eventually, my family convinced me that engagement shots, unlike weddings, are much more casual and therefore I shouldn't feel badly for giving it a whirl. I couldn't screw anything up that couldn't be reshot by a true pro.

Given that I've known Becca for over ten years, we were raised within six blocks of each other
and our parents went to high school together...by day's end my heart had said yes-yes-yesBut the morning of our photo date, though I'd found a location, staged a lil' something in my tiny apartment and studied hundreds of e-photos for pose-spiration, my mind nervously pounded, "What have you done?!"

Yet, it was absolutely so, so much fun. Becca and Tom were brimming with laughter and love. Cheerily game for everything I suggested, they even sat on an ice rink for a hot chocolate date...making my first-ever attempt at portraits a total breeze!

As I poured over the photos later that afternoon, I couldn't help but get misty-eyed. B and T were so sweet. I'd captured love on film*...smiles + kisses + laughing piggyback-rides, and although my photos weren't perfect...

....I'd enjoyed every second of it. :)

*Edit: By "modern film", I truly mean love on SD card. Apologies to anyone I unintentionally misled! I'm quite certain I haven't loaded true film since 1996. Modern times are just not as charming as days gone by. Sigh.


  1. Well you clearly did a brilliant job. These are fantastic... I can just feel the love through them.

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on your fabulous work, taking a risk was definitely worth it. You go girl!

  3. These came out great!! Do you have a special camera? I don't think my regular old nikon coolpics camera could make pics look like this. I bet the couple just went bananas over them. Just beautiful images! Great job!!

  4. those are fabulous!! i'm so glad you went for the challenge!!! the first one captures the look that you use so frequently on here - and one that i love. great job!!

    they are too cute!

  5. Gorgeous! You did an amazing job. LOVE the hot choco picnic idea, they are so cute!

  6. Bethany, THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!! you captured their love completely on film and it looks so natural. I LOVEEEE their background on the save the date and i can only say that you are not only talented behind the camera but also with your lovely crafts (cos i know they have to be your handiwork!)

    you say you're not professional but perhaps you should be? ;) i only wish we had beautiful engagement photos like this and how extra special to have a photographer who's like a sister.

  7. They came out fantastic! I loooove the STD picture ;)


  8. agreed. beth these are beautiful. i love all of the styling you did!!

    and did you really shoot all of these on film!? i am in awe.

  9. These photos are FABULOUS, Bethany! I knew they would be. The way you throw yourself whole-heartedly into a project like this just guarantees success. The portraits are beautiful and romantic without being cheesy or looking too staged {I LOVE the hot c chocolate picnic on the ice!}. I think they're perfect and I bet Becca and Tom thought so too...

    Add photography to the long list of things that Bethany rocks at! xo

  10. Thanks Beth!!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Couldn't be happier that you agreed!

  11. wow! your pictures are beautiful! congrats on taking the risk!

  12. These are great! I love the ones of them drinking cocoa!

  13. The photos turned out GORGEOUS! You did an amazing job - tons of great settings and their personality just shines through.

  14. Holy wow Bethany!!!!! You have quite the eye and talent...I'm not one bit surprised...I see something new on your resume my dear! xoxoxo

  15. You took wonderful photos! Very cute. Did you do the styling for the photoshoot too?

  16. You did a fantastic job...I am so impressed - good for you and congrats to the happy couple too :)

  17. (Sorry this is late - I've been needing to catch up on blog posts)

    The photos are absolutely gorgeous! You did an amazing job, and I'm sure your friends will cherish the photos forever.
    <3 Kiersten


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