three-hundred-eighty-six...ways you guys helped japan.

Three-hundred-eighty-six comments, each one benefiting Japan to the tune of fifty cents a piece...but, oh how I wish everyone could have won! And, um, for this next part: It's silly, but I'm an emotional gal who hates leaving things unsaid. So, can we pretend I look Julia-Robert's-brand-of-hot, and will someone please cue the music + shove me off the stage when my time has run out? Here goes:

Last Sunday, as I worked on this project, I knew I was going to have to kiss my "Dreaming of a New Couch" nest egg goodbye to purchase giveaways + donate...and I'll be honest: I was a little torn over it. How selfish of me.  You've taught me that there are things greater than dreams of aqua settees. This place, my blog, is tiny and I never expected nearly four-hundred comments...all for JapanBut, in the past week I've learned that when you lead with a heart of compassion and  surround yourself with HUGE-hearted people, you cannot go wrong. Good things just happen. And while weaving words is my pastime, I could never weave the perfect tapestry of thanks to express how deeply humbled I was by the number of people who took time to leave hundreds of comments, send supportive emails, and spread the word via social networks about Give for Japan. So, this I've also learned: sometimes words just are not enough...and you must gracefully shut up.

Thank you so much for spending last week with me here at my little blog, in the name of an awesome cause. It was truly my pleasure....and Gabe and I will be making our donation to ShelterBox later this week.

If you see your name listed above, please drop me an email at wwrinserepeat@gmail.com to claim your prize! 


  1. Congrats on all the comments! You should be so proud of yourself!!!


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Big kudos to you, Bethany, on your generosity (and tons of comments)! Thanks again for including Knot & Bow in the mix of giveaways :)

  4. You're amazing, Bethany. And I'm so proud of you!

    (wish I'd won that stamp though! might have to put it on my birthday wish list right this second)

  5. aww i love it. that's so wonderful that you will be giving up so much to help others.

    ps - i got excited when i saw my name - but wrong claire :) oh well.

    keep on being awesome!

  6. You are truly an example of the difference a kind and generous person can make in the world.

  7. Such a beautiful thing! Great job girl!

    P.S. Loving your pretty little blog! xoxo

  8. thank you so much! And i can't believe i won! I never win! the stamp was my absolute favorite so i am pretty excited! :)


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