journey to chic.

When a girl discovers she's going to Paris, what's the first thing she thinks?

I must learn French! (No.)
A sight seeing plan must be made! (No.)
I must drop 15 pounds! (No. Mmkay, a little.)

No, no. The first harrowing thought was this: Fun! But, what will I wear?!?

What I'm saying is this: 
A girl only goes to Paris once, and I'm determined to do it in style. Someday my future kiddos will see these travel photos. And I'd like them to believe there was once a time in their mother's life when she was chic and foxy. (Even if it was only for one week in Paris.

Given my subpar passion for fashion, and inability to refer to myself as chic, I knew I'd have zhuzh it up. Stretch outside my comfort zone. 
 So, I immediately began trolling both web and brick + mortar shops for clothes cute enough to make the trip. Mid-January while in Chicago, I spotted the J.Crew Gabriella dress in Dark Slate, and it was good old-fashioned l...o...v...e, but I wasn't feeling so hot about my bod at the time. I felt shlumpy. I didn't even try it on, for fear I'd leave the store in tears. The frock haunted my thoughts the entire six hour drive home. And the next day. And the next week. Finally, I hunted that sucker down online and plunked down the hefty $50 + shipping. When it arrived, it looked so tiny. Tiered ruffles? What was I THINKING?  It was left untried on, hung with care and intentions to get in shape before summer.

This past weekend, something took over. Guts. Gaul. Whatever it be, I shimmied into it, knowing I could soar or be crushed by what I was about to see. Moments later, I found myself spinning about unabashedly infront of my mirror...loving what I saw. I liked it. I really, really liked it. Wearing it is off-limits, its for Paris only. But I just know it will be perfect for a dressy dinner, or even with flats for a flirty afternoon sight seeing! 

Hooray! Am officially on the journey to becoming a temporarily chic girl.


  1. You always look beautiful, but it's very apparent that you FEEL beautiful in this dress. It's gorgeous!

  2. journey to chic? i'd say you're already there!

  3. Gorgeous dress? Gorgeous girl! Paris, look out! Now you need the perfect handbag and sunglasses...

  4. A girl doesn't always just go to Paris once. I thought that the first time I went, when I was 16. I ended up going again when I was 20, and 21. I lived there for a summer when I was 25. And when I was 27, my mother and I went there for a week together. I'm Canadian, and live on the west coast. So, doesn't have to be your first and only time. Just sayin'. :)

  5. you already were chic in my opinion, but whatev.

    this dress looks A-mazing on you! seriously--so flattering.

    take me with you!

  6. you look amazing!!! and i´m finally able to comment again - yay!

  7. ah so cute!!! so glad you gave it another chance!! you deserve to have something chic and fun, and something you feel beautiful in! :)

  8. That dress looks gorgeous on you, Bethany!!
    And just so you know, I always think your outfits are pretty adorable :)
    I'm sure you're going to have an amazing time in Paris!!
    <3 Kiersten

  9. You are the cutest girl I know and always look like a fashionista. Seriously, I could model myself after your blog posts, so inspiring in the gorgeous category.

    I still am so happy that you're going to Paris! Sounds like a dream doesn't it?

    I think like you sometimes though, what will my kids think when they see photos of me? Dressing up with a little extra for a week is worth it. Enjoy yourself, and spending that little extra to make your week in Paris a dream-come-true will be a real treat. It's only a week and sometimes you need a break from "real life". If that makes any sense.

    Just for curiosity though, are you learning French? If so, where? Or are you going all American and hoping there will be some English speakers?

  10. oh, I love that dress on you! You look fabulous and so chic. the color of the dress looks amazing against your skin tone.

  11. You look chic and HOT! Perfect choice.

  12. First of all: How awesome is your boyfriend for having you celebrate your birthday in Paris!? I think he's a keeper! And second: You look SO pretty!

  13. Ooh I love that dress. I've been eyeing it in the J. Crew stores for some time. You look adorable!

  14. Lovely! This dress is so fun and romantic - and you are gorgeous :)

  15. How exciting to be going to Paris! I went a few years ago but I definitely wasn't dressed as chicly as I would have liked :)

    That dress is absolutely adorable! I heart J. Crew...

  16. you look lovely in that lovely dress:). have fun in Paris! eat lots of chocolate croissants and take lots of photos:).



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