Can I say I have a collection of something, even if I only currently have one? Mmkay, good. Cause I collect typewriters. And I have exactly one.

A month ago, my sis and I were up later than we should have been trolling the internet, when we realized that we'd both been hankering for a vintage typewriter. This discovery thrust us into one uninterrupted hour of typewriter hunting on Etsy, where we finally came across this beauty, sold by Confetti Garden, a store which specializes in vintage goodies. We caved, and a week later it arrived on my doorstep....and I cannot say enough good about Confetti Garden. Our typewriter was packaged to perfection, cute as a button, bearing a handwritten card and all kinds of extra goodies. I was over the moon, and had so much fun with it that I'm dreaming of getting a little sister for this lil' olive guy.

Unfortunately, the pink typewriters I'm dreaming of bear $300-$500 pricetags. And perhaps that should wait until I live in a place slightly larger than a shoebox, allowing for plenty of room for displaying extravagant purchases. For now, I'm allowing my other collections to grow: vintage suitcases and globes have taken over my living room. And I love it.

Your turn: Do you collect anything...even if it's just in your mind? Did you collect anything as a kiddo?


  1. I absolutely love typewriters, and that one you have is lovely!
    Personally, I collect rubber duckies. I don't know why, but I think they're adorable! It's still a fairly small collection, but I'm working on it!
    <3 Kiersten

  2. Good morning, gorgeous girl! Love that typewriter, and I think I might collect a few, given the opportunity...

    In reality, I collect books. And stationery. And clutter {am working on getting rid of that collection!} In my daydreams, I am collecting beautiful pieces of furniture with which to decorate my dream house.

  3. how fun! are you going to actually write with it, or just ogle it?
    my mom had saved hers and we had sooo much fun playing with it when i was little - then we got a newfangled Personal Computer and i got distracted :)

    i don't have any real collections, but i do have a tendency to buy (or want to buy)cut glass vases and little jars from the thrift store. i love how fancy they look (even though my style does NOT center around "fancy" - so it's a weird thing...)

  4. Your typewriter is beautiful!

    When I was younger I collected music boxes and still have most of them - although they are in my room at my parent's house.

    Now I collect music, books and art from my travels.

  5. I love it!
    I collect books. I just love books. As a child of the 80s, I collected trolls. And hot loops. I wish I still had those!

  6. As a kid I collected trolls. The ones with the crazy fluffy colored hair! I now fear having clutter and hate cleaning more than necessary so I don't really have a collection... I do have a lot of Fiestaware. Thats practical right?! Love the typewriter!

  7. Oh my goodness, I love typewriters! Unfortunately, I don't have one yet. :(

    I looked at their Etsy page, and I AM LOVING the electric fan. I've always wanted one of those.

    I collect old vintage cameras, books and suitcases. :)

  8. I collect vintage cameras, I have about five right now and I'm always on the lookout for more. Also vintage fans, I only have one but I'm hoping to add to that :)

  9. Ooh collecting vintage typewriters sounds like so much fun! Do you actually use them? Also, I would like to collect globes as well. They are so pretty.

    Right now I mostly collect mugs. I like to buy one whenever I travel or just different ones. My favorites have to be my Paul McCartney mug (I went to his concert), my Wales mug and Williamsburg mug that I won at an auction.

    I also collect foreign coins and old bills although that is much harder to collect. My oldest bill right now is a $5 bill from 1950. I love it!

  10. You have to start somewhere with a collection, right?

    Besides my collection of shoes (evident in my last post ;) I don't really collect anything.

    Well, maybe cricket boxes. I only have three, but whenever I see one in a fun shape, I snag it right away. Ok. Cricket boxes it is.


  11. Tonight, my 5-year-old best friend showed me an empty plastic container. She said that it was for her new acorn collection, but she didn't have any yet. It made me smile and thought you might too! Love the typewriter!

  12. I'm so there with you on all of the things you collect. I love them all. i gawk over all kinds of little old suitcases and normally consult friends who then normally remind me i have no place to put them.. for now. someday though :) Right now i am great at collecting dust ;)

  13. I do love vintage typewriters...oh I guess they are all technically vintage=)...what an awesome one! I wish i would have kept the ones that have passed through my fingers~

  14. I would love a typewriter! I know my nan had one and it would still be around somewhere. I have started collecting vintage jewelry and handbags, the jewelry is my most treasured possession.

  15. honestly, it's so pretty here.
    ; )

  16. Here's a tip. Daniel got the typewriter "bug" about a year ago. I know there is one sitting around. Maybe he's over it............

  17. love typewriters and suitcases...
    i adore your blog so much! everythings just so darn cute... and i too have a thing for painted nails!


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