Thanks so much for all your kind words about my trip to Paris...I adore you guys and can never thank you enough for your kind words + support. A double thank you to those of you who provided resources for me! (Tips for Americans in Paris? Maps to the best flea markets? YES!) I cannot wait to pour over them in a few weeks.

Life has been awkward and busy round here. I'm in the midst of two research papers: One on the medical practices in the time of the Black Death, and another on depressed artists: the connection between sanity and creativity. Cheery, eh? Mixed in there, I'm also juggling two group projects and normal readings and coursework.

Please don't ask what my apartment looks like right now. I'd be embarrassed if even my mother saw it. Although I've resumed use of disposable plates + cup + silverware (let the environmental hatemail commence!)...this place remains disastrous. The only orderly item appears to the the stack of thirteen (!!!) beefy research books on everything from Medicine before Science to Willem de Koooning: The Last Years...all awaiting their cracking.

So, don't mind my silence for a few days. I'm attempting a restraint and focus level not previously seen in my life...

In the meantime, I wish you a lovely, lovely rest of the week, friends! :)


  1. Ooohhh, those don't sound like happy papers to write.....although they may be interesting to research at least. Good luck, though!!
    <3 Kiersten

  2. Good lord... you totally need those flowers in the house with all that depressing subject matter!

    Knock those papers out of the park! The semester will be over soon!


  3. Hey, you might find the TED-talk by Elizabeth Gilbert helpful or inspiring for your second paper (http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html). Good luck!

  4. whew, i don't envy you that! but you will get through it, and we can probably manage a few days without you :)

  5. but we'll miss you, of course! ( i meant to say! gah!)

  6. Good luck with all the work - sending you positive thoughts that it goes well and you finish ahead of schedule.

  7. I don't envy you one bit missy! But they don't sound like the most boring thing to read up on either. Good luck!

  8. Good luck with those assignments hun. Just think about Paris and you will be done in no time :)

  9. I would have SWORN I commented on this... Weird.

    Well, I hope you're doing well. Stress is all around right now it seems. It's nice that you at least have lovely flowers. :) Hope your week is going better now, you deserve it. I hope you're getting time to talk to Gabe a bit and also time to be with some girlfriends. Lots of love to you Bethany!


Every time you comment, a unicorn gets his wings. Also, my phone beeps and your words bring me joy. :)


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