Though my computer is filled to capacity with photos, I'm not so fabulous at keeping personal snapshots around my home, save the old ones stashed away in a box. My wall hangings are mirrors, chalkboards, clocks. This likely means something deep and psychological...but I contribute it to my inability to figure out how to print photos, find the perfect frames and choose spots for them in my home.

This is the only, only photo hanging in my home. Before typing that, I took a quick spin around my place to ensure the truth in that statement...it's true! The only one. My big sister holding a one-week-old me. I see it daily, and it never fails to make me smile. Mostly because my sister used to tell me I was adopted...this is the closest thing I have to proving her wrong. But also because we're pretty cute. :)

Happy 26th birthday, sis. I love you!


  1. SO, SO sweet. I need to hang more up on my walls...but in your case I bet the fact that she's the only one makes her feel special on her special day :)

  2. Happy birthday to your sister, my sister is my best friend so I understand the significence of that photo. I dont have alot of personal photos around my home but once we get our own place it is something I want to increase.

  3. Are those vintage buttons that you turned into magnets?! Love it! I wanna make some...

  4. That picture is beautiful! Even with all the adoption jokes it sure sounds like you love her. (and I love your vintage buttons - did you make them??).

    I have the opposite problem in my apartment. Well, I did a decent job with the main room because it was a common area, but on three walls of my bedroom I only have photos. I mean...wait, let me count....I have 30 photographs in my BEDROOM, in a SMALL bedroom. THIRTY. I literally just counted them around my room. The only other things on my wall: a butterfly I made with beads, the framed letters (inspired by YOU), and a painting of a saxophone that my sister created for me in high school.

    I always say I could take lessons from you when it comes to decorating. I love your globes, type writers, mirrors, all things white/vintage. You really have a flare for decorating! Pictures aren't the only way to make a space personal, your unique style is a way as well. :)

    Say a belated happy birthday to your sister from all of us in blogland.

    Have a fantastic day Bethany!

  5. So sweet! Happy birthday to your sister.

    There is nothing on earth like the bond between sisters.

  6. My brother Tim used to tell me the same thing-- esp. since all of my brothers either look like each other or one of my parents and I don't look like anyone. I still wonder if he was telling the truth ;)

    Happy Birthday Older Sister!!


  7. I always wanted a sister...still do kinda. I got stuck with some less-than-stellar sisters in law so it's pretty much a lost cause at this point :) But seriously, what a precious litle picture :)

  8. Two of my sweetest things this side of heaven!


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