floral friday.

I'm moving in two weeks. To lovely new place in a historic hood with charm gah-lore, hardwood floors and a 2nd floor balcony overlooking a pretty street. This means I've been rummaging through my things, packing up the sentimental items...throwing out trash from ex-boyfriends, you know the drill. Oh, and rediscovering buried treasure.

Treasure like this shirt. With the tags still on...and you know how I love a tag. Shut up, shut up, shut up! Yeah, it's a little hippie-dippie-trippy, what with the baggy sleeves and all...but I'm a sucker for romantic, flowy clothing, so it was rescued from the "hand-me-down" pile and worn to an outdoor concert last night. You know how some clothes just wear easily? No bunching, wrinkling or constant adjustments needed? This was it.

After the gorgeous sunset concert, I was missing Gabriel, feeling down about my bod + a little lonely at the thought of returning to my emptying apartment. So I stopped at the grocery store, picked up white tulips and attempted to willpower my way past the ice cream aisle, but was interrupted by a fellow shopper:

"Excuse me, miss?"

I turned around to find a mother on her cell phone, looking up at me from her shopping cart.

"I just thought you should know that you look very beautiful," she smiled at me.

Well, melt my heart. Sometimes, in my big ol' dreams of living in Europe or a sprawling city full of opportunities, I forget the benefits of living in a smallish town...where people care enough to be super kind, even in the ice cream aisle. It was a good reminder that I should be more generous with words and actions of kindness to strangers. I suppose you never know how a second of your time might brighten another's day.

Oh, and by the way: I caved and bought ice cream. Some things will never change.


  1. LOVE that story! now i really have to remind myself to spread a bit of this love once in a while - it´s so good to hear those things!

  2. oh - and you look gorgeous!

  3. You do look beautiful!! I love when random people give you compliments it means so much. Love your shoes in this photo too.

  4. Ice cream is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate beauty. And it *is* a beautiful shirt!

    Also, don't forget to pay the compliment forward! I always make a point to stop random people if i adore their shirt/shoes/especially handbags! It pays great dividends - makes me happy and the wearer happy, an everyone wins :)

  5. I was in the store last night too. (I didn't look as stylish as you, though!) I left with some Edy's Rocky Road.

    If loving ice cream is wrong, then I don't want to be right. :)

  6. Good for you for buying the ice cream :) And YEAY for truth-speaking super-sweet strangers! That's amazing! I can imagine you felt over the moon after that comment. And I always find buying myself flowers helps a bit. Oh, and I love your little peep-toed shoes!

  7. You look great! No shame in buying the ice cream - after that comment I don't think any of us could have held out :-)

  8. She was SO RIGHT! Bethany, you are so lovely. I love this shirt on you :)

  9. oh bethany, this i LOVE! that description of your pretty blouse :) and the story of the mother's sincere compliment... makes my heart smile! because i believe in compliments like that.. giving and getting, especially giving.


  10. it would be hard to see you and NOT say something to you! you are gorgeous!

    and thanks for admitting you bought the ice cream... it makes me feel not alone!

  11. Hooray for your gracious, observant shopper!

  12. What a sweet story, and you DO look beautiful! I'm also moving in 2 weeks, but the only thing I've discovered while packing so far have been 4 cute little bowls- can't remember where or when I bought them :D

  13. Doncha love those kind of clothes? Why isn't everything I buy that sort of thing where it doesn't require a cardigan over top or the back pulled down everytime I stand up? When will I learn?!? haha

    Oh and years ago, maybe when I was 22 or so, I had a shirt like that and my friend called me Sleevey Nicks. I never forgave her. It looks so cute!

  14. what a sweet story. and i would have to agree with the lady!


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