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I know Facebook's Doppleganger Week was four million years ago. But I must share this. Something superbly wonderful has been happening to me lately. Over the past few weeks, strangers have started conversations like this:

"Has anyone told you that you look like (insert name of foxy celeb below)?"

one : : : Michelle Trachtenburg. two : : : Rachel McAdams. three : : : Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Helllloooo, ego boost! Look at that Fox Fest! Although I don't see the likeness, the compliments certainly make my day. I'm terrible at responding to these though, usually giving a snorty laugh and a self-deprecating comment directed at my weight. Bad girl.

But, I'm beyond confused by this for two reasons:

one : : : All these compliments were made in passing, by people I don't know at all...mostly by men. A stranger on a plane, a cashier at the grocery store, a manicurist, a craft store employee and so on. Weird, right?

two : : : I'm really rather average looking, both in physical appearance and wardrobe! I'm at least four dress sizes larger than your average celeb. My look ain't anything special: Rocking jeans and casual apparel...minimal make up and some loose curls. My current theory is that there's something in the hair, mid to long dark and wavy tresses, combined with light skin...that's about all I've got.

But, the whole thing has made me realize that I need to be much more gracious when receiving compliments, sticking to a simple, "Oh, how nice! Thank you!", rather than offering to show strangers my thigh cellulite, to make clear exactly why I don't look like Rachel McAdams. 

For now, I'll treasure every one of these a little more than I should. ;)

Have you been told that you look like a celeb? If so, which one? And do you think it's true?

And PS: Is there a secret to commanding Blogger's bi-polar paragraph spacing issues? Sometimes, I convince myself NOT to blog because I'll just wind up cursing at my laptop.


  1. Charlie Manson.
    Oh, and Christ.

    "Awwwww, thank you!"

  2. What beautiful compliments! I actually see where they come from - you are beautiful inside and out.

    The only comment like that I've ever had was that I looked like Bridget Fonda - which was nice, but made absolutely no sense to me (aside for both having short hair.)

  3. Oh Bethany! You're prettier than all those celebs, thigh cellulite or not...

    I recently got a comment on my blog that I look like Anna Friel. Crazy!

    I'm terrible at accepting compliments. Am working on it though.

  4. i think you look like them too!
    ROCK IT! :)

    i've gotten mila kunis a lot
    but i don't see it.

  5. I think I can kinda see what they mean- it *is* in the hair! You do have some pretty gorgeous locks, lady.

    I've heard Maggie Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts If She Wasn't Blonde. I'll totally take either!

  6. I can certainly see how they think that! When I first looked at the picture you chose for Rachel McAdams (my personal favorite actress - she's stunning!) I thought it might have been you! Gorgeous girl.

    I've only ever heard one actress (one time at that) and it was Elizabeth Reaser. I don't see it, but it was fun for me to actually hear a celebrity for once.

    Similar to you, I've found that it's hard for me to take compliments, I do that whole put-down thing too. I can't take people seriously when they compliment me on anything look related.

  7. Goodness, you DO look like these lovelies! However, I think you're prettier!

    I am told I look like Cate Blanchett a whole bunch...but I've never found her very attractive. Oh well! Take what I can get, I suppose :)

  8. i've gotten a lot of those "compliments" too. i've gotten salma hayek (the most and for a long time), judy reyes (from scrubs), julieta venegas (spanish singer), and one of the jersey shores girls. i think it's funny that none of these women are caucasian, like myself. :)

  9. I've recently been "mixed up with" Paula Deene....except I don't cook much or have a southern accent. But I do have the white hair and a full figure! (Just not as well known!)

  10. i totally agree - with all of those! you're adorable - accepts those kind words with pride!

    i'm sad no one had the answer for the double spacing. drives me nuts too. makes it look ridiculous, because i tend to space more anyway - so it's extra spacey. annoying.

  11. You have the same beauty (if not more than these women). It's always nice to hear compliments, isn't it? The hard part is believing they are true and not waving them off and thinking the opposite.

    I posted like two years back about how some generator pumped out that I looked like Kelly Clarkson. Who knows. :)

    P.S. Sorry it took me months to comment on this...you know how school is ;)

  12. You do look a bit like Michelle Trachtenburg! Always fun to hear those comments isn't it :) I get Reese Whithersppon (although that was back when she was a bit curvier than she is now so we've grown apart) and sometimes Carrie Underwood, OR Catherine Zeda Jones if I were brunette.

    Fun to bump into you today! Hope you got some goodies.



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