let's try this again: introducing....it's always bloggy in philadelphia!

Incase you didn't notice...yesterday, Blogger got all torqued at life and decided to storm off for the day, taking this post + a couple of handfuls of comments with it. Like the blog-addict that I am, I spent my day making peace sacrifices to the Blog gods, in hopes of receiving my stolen blog-stuffs back. I received only this post. Thank you, Blog god, wherever you are in the cyberworld.

Here it is again!

When Shannon and I started dreaming about a blogger's meet-up, we knew that it might just be the two of us, sitting in her living room...staring at each other all weekend. Which was cool, cause we're pretty tight, even though we're not real life friends. But, oh my! Suffice it to say that today I was calling around Philly, pricing 15 passenger vans, which still wouldn't fit all of us...then wondering if you've really got to have a special license to drive a bus. (You do. Darn shame, cause that would have been classy, eh?) 

So, without further adieu, we bring you the:

It's Always Bloggy in Philadelphia Meet-up

Date:  Friday, October 7th-Monday, October 10th. Columbus Day Weekend! We know some people will have to dart out on Sunday, and that's cool.
Location: Philadelphia area. Within a 1/2 hour radius of the city.
Itinerary: Exact details TBA. But, we're incorporating sightseeing, relaxation, a dressy dinner, drinks and some s'mores.

Sound good? If you'd like to sign up, shoot us an email (alwaysbloggy@gmail.com) so we can make sure to put you on the list and keep you in the loop!  Here's the info we'd love from those who want to attend:

Full Name -
Age -
Blog Address -
Found Via Shannon, Bethany or Both -
Traveling Via -
Housing Preference: Host Home/Hotel/Either/Neither -
Diet/Allergies/Weird Habits We Should Know About You - 
Have you been to Philly before?
Any other info you think would be helpful or any questions you have -

Once we receive your email, we'll respond with an invite to the Always Bloggy in Philly blog for those who will be attending...a place to get to know the girls before the weekend, keep you updated on the itinerary, to gather more info about everyone's likes + dislikes, so we can tailor the weekend to your wildest dreams. (Or at least make sure we stock up on your fav snacks + drinks.)

If you want to get onboard, or have other questions...email Shannon and I at alwaysbloggy@gmail.com. We'll be so jazzed, and we'll cyber-arm-wrestle over who gets to respond to you! :)

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  1. I so so wish that I could go to this, but with Europe in July it's just not in the budget to go on two trips this year. I can't believe that you get to see Shannon and LB though! Lucky girl!!


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