new keys = new diggs!

(me, writing a little bit in the new place)

Yesterday, a miracle occurred: my new landlord gave me a jingle to let me know I could sneak into my place a few days early. I jumped on that like free candy, because the original schedule left my things baking in a UHaul for three days while leaving the old place and waiting to get in to the new place. So, today, I anxiously met my landlord at the apartment to swap new keys with crisp check.

As soon as my landlord left, I did what every twenty-something should do: I called my mama and invited her over. Since she works right across the river, she buzzed over with fresh lilacs and a little box containing a picnic, to christen my new porch. How cute! We ate our pie on a tablecloth-covered box with our rears on the cold, cold ground. Talk about a move-in experience!

While enjoying the afternoon, we bumped into my ultra-friendly neighbor with whom I share my porch (we each get half)...and wound up talking for nearly an hour. She even gave us a little tour of her place, and convinced me to balls-up and ask my landlord to repaint my walls. Thankfully, she has a very green thumb...and her half of the balcony is full of gorg flowers. Given my black thumb, I'll stick to admiring hers for now, but plan to spruce my half up with a sweet white bistro set for leisurely breakfast eating.

Although the place is mine, I won't be moving in until Monday evening, when I've got three able bodies and a big ol' UHaul to assist. I'm feeling sentimental about leaving my very first home, so I'll be laying my head down at my old address until they have to haul me out of there. Blow by blow, the new place wins for charm. It does. But the old place has so many good memories...it's my comfort zone, yet where I've grown so much, and I'm having a teary time saying goodbye.

But I know I'll learn to love this new-to-me, charming place. And I promise a photo-overload post on Monday showing you EV-er-y thing, girls. :)

But for now, happiest loooooong weekend!


  1. The new place has wonderful light! Good luck with the move. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. congratulations!!! Enjoy your weekend and I hope the move isn't too annoying. My husband and I lived in our apartment for 5 years but when we got pregnant we decided we needed more space. It was our first place together, the place where he proposed, where I woke up on my wedding day, etc. It was hard to move but once you are in your new place and the pretty things go up on the walls you will start to love your new home.

  3. awwwww! congrats Bethany! I'm looking forward to seeing how you make your new place a home. already it looks so cozy and calming.

  4. Okay, where do I start?!
    1. I love the hardwood floors. And the windows!
    2. Yay for getting in early. Now you can take your time moving stuff over and not cram it all in the U-Haul and wait outside the new place for days...
    3. How cute are you? So cute! Seriously, you get cuter all the time.
    4. I totally get the teary-eyed thing. When Alan and I bought our first place I was really excited. But saying good-bye to our first apartment broke my heart a little bit. I will always think of it fondly.
    5. Can I come hang out with you on your front porch? We can drink iced tea at your bistro set!

  5. i´m apartment hunting myself right now - no luck so far... so when i saw you in this amazing empty space, well i´ll admit it: i was a bit jealous, BUT so happy for you! now i can´t wait for more pictures of your new dream home!

  6. Where to begin?

    I know you'll love your new place (look at those floors and that lighting!). Sometimes a small change, or a relatively big one, can mean a lot in sprucing up our days too. :)

    The way your wrote about your mom made me teary eyed. It's so nice that you would call her over and that she would bring you flowers, that must be where you get your sweetness from.

    Yay on having a nice, friendly new neighbor! It'd be wonderful if all our moves through life could be sprinkled with fine people who go out of their way to make us feel welcome.

    I hope to catch up with all of your posts (I've been reading them). Have a great time moving in Bethany!

  7. beautiful place!
    love the light walls and hardwoods; it makes the sunlight look awesome

  8. so that's where you get your sweetness from! your momma ;) i would have done the same thing... she would have been the first person i called!

    i can't wait to see your new place!! yes, do show EVEEERYTHING. ;)

  9. How sweet is your mother!? Her picnic is just delightful. Moving is a big job whether it's across town or across country. Good luck and I'll look forward to the news and views from your new place.

  10. Exciting! Congratulations on your new place, look at all that natural light! And celebrating with your Mom is so sweet, I'm sure she is so happy/proud of you. I can't wait to see your upcoming photos!

  11. sooooo exciting!!! that place looks amazing!

  12. For some reason this is the first time I'm reading this post. The new place sounds wonderful, and I'm so excited for you (although I'm sure you're more than excited). Congratulations!
    And I know leaving you're first "own" home is sad, but you'll make tons of new memories in the new place!
    <3 Kiersten


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