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There really is no place like home. Especially when I can sit in this comfy (albiet crickity) desk chair and share my world, then with one click step into the world of another woman, peruse her photos, travels and heart. Like reading stories, the blogs of others let me escape into environments and experiences that I've not yet had. It's so invigorating. So encouraging. But what happens when you build a little community, form friendships and bonds with women whose worlds you've never, ever seen in real life? People you might not even recognize if they sat next to you on the bus*? 

Well, then you simply must make your worlds collide.

When my longtime blog friend Shannon wrote about her desire to traverse the nation meeting her fav bloggers, I nervously piped up and suggested that we throw a lil' blogger meet up ourselves. As it turns out, Shannon was serious about meeting up + just as excited about the idea as I was! We began scheming. Thankfully, Shannon lives on the East Coast, in Philadelphia, a fabulous location for a girlie weekend...because I'm not quite sure how I'd entertain in Eau Claire, Wisconsin:

"Welcome all to my 400 sq ft apartment! The tour for the Paul Bunyon Logging Camp will leave in approximately four minutes. Oh, and by the way, this is an old apartment, so please be kind and only flush every third use**..."

We were both on the same page, too. Neither of us are "conference girls"....we're certainly not going to host a shindig that involves wearing a name tag, donning a pantsuit and behaving in a professional manner for three days straight. Iiiish. Please. 

So we're hoping to throw a blogger girl's weekend in Philly...three days of delicious food, sightseeing, girl talk and the like. In short, creating the opportunity to bond together, chit chat in person and officially become part of each other's worlds. Oh, and a good excuse to travel if you're not from Philadelphia, like me! The whole thing will be easy-breezy. You can come for an hour, or stay for the weekend. If you're a blogger, great! If you're not, you're totally welcome, too! If you're just using us for free s'mores? We'll still enjoy your company.

Sound interesting? I do hope so! Here's where we need your help: We need some input, so don't be shy! Hop over and take a short survey to let us know about your availability + interests.

Once we get input, we can move forward to select a date + nail down some details! If you have questions or comments, feel free to drop them in the "comments" section of the survey along with your email address, and we'll be sure to get back to you!

So excited to make this happen! :)


*How urban I sound!

**I'm kidding. I flush when and where I want. Sometimes I run in and flush three times in a row. Just. Because. I. Can.


  1. last summer, I went to a little blogger get together & it was so fun getting to know the person behind the blog better! You will have an amazing time! Plus who doesn't like visiting & exploring new places!!! =)

  2. So I just filled out the survey, and I'm pretty excited by the prospect of this! I live pretty close to Philly, and since this'll be during the school year, I can take a bus from my school!
    <3 Kiersten

  3. whoops! This is actually Eleise, I guess Jeff is logged in =)

  4. So fun! I hope I can figure out how to make it work - would be so fun to meet online friends in person.

  5. Bummer. I'd come, but I enjoy pantsuits a bit too much...

  6. ha! i'm sure the logging camp would be fabulous.

    i'm really hoping i can make this work - not sure if i could squeeze it outta the new budget, but maybe!!

  7. looks like fun. don't know if I can make it to Philly but I have found that meeting blog friends is a good idea...... so can't wait to see what you end up planning!


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