study central.

(Study central + inflatable mattress at Casa de la Bethany.)

This weekend my dear friend Mandy, who I've known since age 10, came up to see me and crashed at my place. My dearest friends and overnight guests usually get a living room floor nest of blankets + pillows + sleeping bags. There's no pomp and circumstance at Casa de la Bethany. It's like camping...in a temperature-regulated tent with granny-chic furnishings.

Buuuuut, I'm nearing 25. And I feel that I should be able to offer my friends something a little bit more posh when they come to town. So I hit the inflatable mattress aisle, because nothing says 'posh' like sleeping on an inflatable raft. I invested the extra-tall kind (18" off the ground) and  broke it in the night before Mandy came to town. It was super comfy. After Mandy left, I wanted to be in my living room working on a paper, where the light is lovely + my TV is viewable. And, I wanted to lie on my tummy. Cause I love me some tummy time. (Yes. I know what that is. And I know how to facilitate it. And I'm not a mom. Can I get a 'Future Mama of America' award?

So...I blew the thing back up and hit the books. 

And slept on it again.

And I'm sitting on it as I write this post.

And I might sleep on it tonight........

Ummm...how trailer trash am I?


  1. My husband and I love to camp and have been know to just blow up our air mattress sleep on it. It's kinda fun. Enjoy!

  2. No shame - whatever gets you through studying!

    (That sweatshirt would be an awesome start - love it!)

  3. Not trailer trash at all. Just a kid at heart!

    My boys go wild when the air bed comes out. Full-on fort-building extravaganza!

  4. When it comes to studying the rule is whatever works!

  5. Umm... more like awesome. I think that everyday when my less than comfy couch is the best sitting/lounging option.

  6. We have a giant foot stool that "belongs" in our spare bedroom but stays in the living room unless important company comes over! Between it and the coffee table there is only a narrow path to the kitchen but it makes lounging sooo much more comfy.

  7. That sounds wonderful! I love your shirt--oatmeal is my favorite. Almost over semester! My brains are aching!

  8. I totally get it! I love my big, yellow, over-stuffed couch so much that when guests come, I give them my bed and I take the couch. They think I'm being generous. Really I'm being greedy. Sometimes I sleep on it, just 'cuz. I'm sitting on it right now.

  9. I think this is completely awesome. I saw keep on doing this while you can :)

    How much fun that would be?!

    Hope the studying is going well.

  10. That sounds like a great time! It'd be fun, maybe I'd pretend I was camping instead of getting ready to take finals!

    I'm impressed you can lay down and study. Whenever I lay down I want to read or go to sleep - definitely NOT study or focus.

    PS - You take such CUTE pictures!

  11. ha! love it. if it doesn't end up flat by the morning, then it must be a good one. i don't have a good history with those things!


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