thrifted thursday: the after hours edition.

It's no secret that Gabe and I like to travel. We dig it. It's our thing. We love new hotels, undiscovered city-streets, little museums and beautiful vistas. But, if there's one thing we've learned about ourselves throughout the miles and boarding calls, it is this: We're not the fancy dining type.

We learned this early on...on our first date, the first day we met, to be exact. We had reservations at a gorgeous Boston restaurant and instead cancelled them in favor of hanging out in our hotel...rockin' sweatpants, plush robes and eating room service. Our self-discovery continued further in Ireland, when we made reservations at our uber classy hotel's restaurant. It was so quiet. And we're not quiet chatters. I dropped my silverware no less than six times. And the food was weird + tiny. We were trying hard to be grown ups, but we wound up wishing we'd driven into town for a greasy pub BLT. I sliced through the awkwardness by challenging him to a silent staring contest. He won, 'cause I have visual ADD.

Anyway, the Paris countdown is at 10. Ten days. And although I'm not looking to hit a five-star restaurant (snore!), I would love to get dressed up for one evening. Even if it's just for a semi-dressy restaurant, some wine and a stroll through a beautiful park...if there's one place on the planet to be overdressed, rock too-tall heels and a glam bag, it's just got to be Paris, right?

I bumped into this vintage sparkly clutch at the thrift store this week...$4. It clearly needed a home, and a space in my ever-growing Paris wardrobe. I'm thinking of pairing it with this dress.

Navy and black can tango together, yes?


  1. LOVE it. I really, REALLY need to do a thrifting post..yours inspire me so much.

  2. Ooh, I love that! And $4? For real? That's fantastic. And yes, it will totally go with that dress.

    10 days? Magnifique!!!

  3. beautiful!
    I'm more of a low key eater too :)

  4. Perhaps it was the five years I spent as a server in college/after and the current reality of two kiddos, but I really don't love eating out. I would much rather go through a line, take my huge foil-wrapped burrito and head outside to find a perfect bench.

    But yes, a night out in Paris, that has to happen and it will be wonderful.

  5. So excited for you! Birthdays in Paris are the best thing ever.

  6. PS - you'll be in PARIS. You can wear a sparkly clutch with ANYTHING. So chic. Skinny jeans and a striped t? OF COURSE. Fancy dress for dinner date? OF COURSE. It's PARIS. Do it up, girl.

    Also, I love the fine dining and dressing up. But I find that I am often too loud for those nice places. I get a lot of stares. But it is usually okay if I have a fabulous outfit and handbag!

  7. I kid you not, I have a bag that is nearly identical to yours (mine has a gold clasp) that I scored at a yard sale for $2. It's my go-to purse for weddings.

    You will get miles and miles of use once your friends start getting hitched, I promise ;)


  8. I love your awesome thrift store finds!!


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