thrifted thursday: volume one.

When I was a wee lass, my parents were pinchin' pennies meaning that anything "new" to my wardrobe had already seen the inside of a washing machine a dozen times. It came to me hand-me-down and tagless, usually in a garbage bag with 50 equally rumpled tops and dresses. We frequented thrift stores + sales...and I'd skulk around the racks lest anyone see me through the windows. It's prideful and silly to admit this: but, I was so humiliated. I wanted clothes from the mall, clothes that came in any size I needed, clothes with tags I could rip off. Since growing up, I embraced my ability to buy never-worn clothing. Whenever I tried to thrift, I just felt like...a poor girl in poorly fitted clothing. 

But...my dive back into thrifted threads happened just the other day, by accident, as I was hunting for an ugly skirt for a side project. I bumped into a sweet little dress for under $10, and couldn't believe how well it fit my taste. Had I seen this dress in any other store, I'd have forked over $30 for it, no questions asked. And it grew from there...I pillaged those racks like a Viking warrior. The beautiful thing about thrift stores, I discovered, is this: When you flip past an item, it will either work or it won't. There's no swapping out for a medium, or wondering if the grey would look better than the blue. If it doesn't work, ya move on to the next item.

On that trip, I snagged two bags of clothes for under $30. My favorite item of all would have to be the above Old Navy cropped jacket...barely worn and it cost me one dollar. ONE DOLLAR, PEOPLE! Together with the flirty floral tank under it, it was a new look for six bucks.

While I plan to stop by my local thrift stores a bit more regularly...I do have to say that you still cannot trump that brand new from-the-store, rippin'-the-tags-off feeling. For me, it's like sniffing a baby's head. You just can't beat it.

Riddle me this: Do you thrift to build your wardrobe, or do used clothes skeeve you?


  1. I think you look gorgeous and you would never have thought it was thrifted.

    I wish I was good at thrifting but I don't seem to be. But maybe I'm just not trying hard enough :)

  2. i thrift like no other

  3. I LOVE thrifting! Funny though, I fork over a fortune for pants from J.Jill but tops from the thrift store can't be beat! Keep looking, Bethany, sometimes I even find clothes at the thrift shop with the tags still attached!
    Your new outfit looks FAB!

  4. I am a thrifting junkie! And now that garage sale is in full swing I am in HEAVEN *smile*

    Welcome to the dark side :)

  5. Cute find! I thrift, but only about 4 times a year. I always just stock up on easy to find things like basic T's. Can't match the price!!

  6. Your comment about hiding, hoping no one would see you brought back images of my well-loved daughter ducking her head as we crossed the parking lot - convinced that someone would drive past at that particular moment and see her! She is now a thrifting queen and makes me proud/envious of her knack for finding treasure.
    I do now, have in the past and will continue to thrift. There have been times it was more for necessity than fun, but I'm always on the look out for my next thrift store opportunity.
    We're moving next week, to a metro area (!) and I can't wait to access the thrift stores...

  7. Wow, did you and I ever have the same childhood! My dad supported six children on his meager christian day school salary, so we were completely accustomed to consider 'new' clothes as being what we got from Eleise and Heidi on Christmas and the 4th. I rarely had the satisfaction of ripping off a price tag myself (since whatever it was was usually worn by Laura before me).

    Now I totally embrace the thrift store. I don't duck around the corner so that the person I know from work won't see me. I say "hi" as I proudly carry my red skirt for 5 bucks and my dishes for 3.99. :)

  8. I love free stuff, so I cling to my hand-me-downs. As for second-hand purchases, I LOOVE places like Plato's Closet and Buffalo exchange. They're more picky about the clothes they accept, so you don't have to do as much of the work yourself. On days when I'm feeling energetic, though, thrift stores are a blast. Especially little privately owned ones in odd places. The Goodwill my friend and I stopped at on the drive back from Montana because "DUDE that is like oldest Goodwill I've EVER seen... let's go!" has definitely been my all-time favorite, though.
    That fresh, new-clothes feeling, can't be beat, though. And if you know where to go and when, you can get that feeling for thrift store prices ; )

  9. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. thrifting. Love it. I always find something that makes my day brighter, and the fact that the place I frequent donates all of its profit to AIDS charities makes it even better! I love what you said about "It either works or it doesn't." I feel like it makes the whole process less stressful.

  10. how cute are you? now i'm daydreaming of a thrifting date! i LOVE new-to-me clothes. in fact i wore a lbd as such on a midweek date night with my husband and just blogged about it so you know i'm a fan of thriting! how cute are you? xo

  11. fabulous look, b!! i am super amazed and i applaud you. i tend to skip the clothing at the thrift store (unless i'm looking for costume material)...i just find that it's more efficient to shop for clothes first hand. (less of a gamble i guess.)

  12. I guess you could call me an e-thifter? I am on ebay every single night looking for the very items I love in stores. I rarely pay more than $20 for an item, and it's the best. Once I learned the ebay ropes, I never went back to retail! I'd say my wardrobe is 75% ebay at this point!

  13. I'm just like you! Grew up on hand-me-down clothes that were always slightly ill-fitting. And actually, that stuck with me until I was 23 and living in Hong Kong. Now I'm 29, still poor (a graduate degree and two student loans later, I'm still struggling to make ends meet), but I just can't do the thrift thing frequently anymore. For non-clothes items I'm all over it. But for clothes, I just can't bring myself to do it - I have to have the tag-ripping experience.

  14. that is a fabulous look!! i believe there aint no shame in thrifting clothes! (as long as they don't smell like moth balls).

    i will have good days where i will find a few great pieces (with tags!) and some days where it's nothing... but it's fun to look!


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