I'm not one to delight in zombie movies.

Or gore. 

Or death + destruction.

Or anything that leaves me cowering in my little apartment, alone and frightened once the sun goes down. But somehow on Monday, I found myself dressed like this:

Blame it on my classes. This semester I'm carrying several art history classes, one of which focuses on Art and the Plague. It sounds like a real downer...but in truth, it's been rather intriguing. However, my professor decided that the perfect ending to a semester of death...was an End of Year Zombie Party. Those who came dressed as zombies received extra credit...and those who didn't would be jeered. 

Ever the people-pleaser, I went all out with my zombie bride theme. After turning up my nose at Goodwill's $150 USED 80's bridal gown (seriously, Goodwill...put down crack pipe, then start pricing items), I hit a local church thrift store and got this 80's nightmare for a mere $7:

What were they thinking with the sleeves? How does that flatter any body? Regardless...I sort of loved the train and sweetheart neckline. The rest was a hot mess...AKA: Zombie Bride Perfection. The dress, a veil, a borrowed wig, a handful of skeleton necklaces and half an hour with some face paint made for a pretty perfect costume.

The crowning achievement was my rat bouquet, and given the history of the plague, it was rather fitting. With DIY bridal bouquet-starter in hand, I sculpted and weaved together seven rats...with a lil' help from my hot glue gun and some metal wire. For the finishing touch, I rigged up a few extra rats on a belt so that they followed me as I moved about the room.

All told, it was pretty hot. And, I won three Zombie Awards: Judges' Favorite, Best Zombie Pallor,  Best Zombie Accessories (I think...I cannot remember the title of that one). I forgot to snap a full-look photo before leaving for the day, but my friend Sonja grabbed a photo before we left class:

I know, it's a good look for me. ;)


  1. Wow! I wondered what you were talking about on Facebook the other day. Now I know! That is one amazing costume. You deserved the glory... and the extra credits!

  2. Great job with the costume!! All those awards were definitely well deserved, and all in all it sounds like a fun class! I'm glad you enjoyed doing it!
    <3 Kiersten

  3. Clearly it was the rat bouquet that put you over the top. Love it.

    I want to go to a zombie party-- how fun is that??


  4. wow b you make an intensely amazing zombie!!

    um, that veil is the absolute bomb.

    and seriously goodwill--i'm pretty sure i can get a waaay more appealing dress than that off the rack from david's bridal for cheaper.

    you totally deserved all 3!!! and the pallor award cracks me up!!

  5. So incredibly awesome!!! Your bouquet had me both amazed and grossed out!

  6. that is crazy awesome!

  7. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! I can't believe how awesome your costume is (and your professor for the brilliant idea). You deserved to win, duh!

  8. That first picture was downright scary! It doesn't even look like you! Congratulations on all your awards...Judges's favorite, now that would be the one I'd cherish most! You're amazing!

  9. hahahaha this is why I love you, your willingness to go full costume in broad daylight. Balls to the wall. Ha, I like that saying. But that first picture is totally creepy, your expression is so blank. You totes deserved a billion awards.

  10. Hahahah, how could you still be beautiful as a zombie?! Not fair! Looks so fun :)

  11. That's utterly amazing! You went all out and deserved those awards. You could be a costume designer or at least someone that helps out with it :)

  12. Wow--who knew that art professors could be so fun?! That first picture is so eerie. You do the blank stare so well!

    And I agree with the others, well-deserved awards my dear!


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