vloggity vlog: giveaway winner!

Alright, amigos...it is here! My very first vlog announcing the Anthro Giveaway winner, and it's from Paris, too! Just a few side comments that I must make first:

1. Please note that I should have begun vlogging in baby steps: start behind a friendly webcam and move forward from there. That allows one to unlearn any awkward body movements + creepy smiles, as well as stage a position that minimizes arm flab. As you're about to see, I've removed neither. Au natural, baby. That's how I like it.

2. My hair looks wild. It rained all day and we walked all day with the lamest umbrellas you've ever seen. 'Nuff said.

3. Behind the camera sits approximately seventeen terraces overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Gabe and I shot this sucker with an iPhone as fast as possible, given that wealthy, attractive people were mingling within eye + ear shot. I was more frightened than that one time in third grade when I gave a speech on making the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And that was the time I almost threw up.

I promise it's quite not as grainy as the still shot below, so watch away! If you're the winner, email me at wwrinserepeat@gmail.com... and the gift card will come to your doorstep. :)



  1. Congratulations, Kelly!

    Bethany, that was a great first blog!!!!

    I'm glad that you are having a wonderful time in Paris.

  2. gorgeous! that view is spectacular. and don't worry, it was perfect!
    (super cute top/dress?)!

  3. Super vlog! I want more in the near future especially when you're traveling !!!! love ya!

  4. P.S. You're way more beautiful than when you spoke on peanut butter and jelly! Just sayin' ;)

  5. Aww, man! My name is Kelly, and I thought I had won for a minute. Then I saw that I had entered under my blogging alias. Shucks. Oh, well. Will the real Kelly, please stand up? Please stand up? Congrats to the winner! :)

  6. sooo cute! yay for your first vlog!
    cant wait to see pictures
    :) Bobbi

  7. What!?!?! I can't believe it! Thank you so much, Bethany! And what a great vlog with you looking cute with the Eiffel Tower in the background. So fun!

  8. Bethany. How have I never ever heard your lovely voice?! It's beautiful, just like the rest of you! More vlogs, please!

  9. First, you look gorgeous, exactly as expected!

    Second, you sound nothing like what I thought you would. :)

    Third, what a beautiful place to be. I'm so glad you get to spend time with Gabe!

  10. I LOVED seeing and hearing you - you are even more adorable on video.

  11. You are so cute!! I was totally surprised when I heard your american accent...duh! What did I think?? That it would be irish! Hope you both having a blast :)

  12. I heard Kelly...and got super excited. But it is another Kelly. It's a lucky name, what can I say!

  13. you are too cute. you look beautiful in that dress! congrats to Kelly!

  14. YOU are even cuter "live" ;) i hope you do more of these and can i just say... i wish i had your arms! :)


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