askin' my maids.

It's fair to say that I've known who my bridesmaids would be since I was about ten. My bestest friend Becky...the free-spirited ying to my very awkward yang. My loving older sister Dana...the voice of practicality, and yet as understanding as can be. And friends-since-Kindergarten Roundup girl Andrea...a friendship over two decades in the making.

But here was my issue: two of the three girls lived seven states away. Given how very much they mean to me, I didn't want to lame out and send a text saying, "Will U B My B-maid????". 

So, I did this.

I fetched myself three unfinished Cigar boxes from JoAnn's...shelfprice of about $8 a piece. But, with three trips with weekly 40% off coupons, I saved myself a cool $10. Then, I busted out some paints: a sweet cream and blue bahama.

The outside of the box got two to three coats of light ivory to cover up the natural wood aura, and inside was treated to one layer of ivory, too. After that dried up, I attacked the inside lid with a pencil, attempting to freehand  this bracket shape. Turned out easier than I thought it would! (However, if you're frightened to freehand, you can easily find + print a tracing template online.) I slathered the inside lid with my favorite hue: a seafoamy aqua. One coat was enough.

In a perfect world, I would have painted "be my maid?" on the inside lid...but my hand isn't the steadiest with a paintbrush, and I knew I'd never achieve the look I was going for. So, I fell back on a few sets of playfully calligraphic adhesive letters.

To keep everything in place, I rocked two coats of satin varnish...even over the letters. It gave it a nice sheen, and I was significantly less stressed about my sending my maids a giant sliver waiting to happen.

Then it was time to tackle the contents. The bottoms got lined with vintage handkerchiefs, which were passed to me years ago by a family friend. I've been storing them...just waiting for my someday wedding. They were the perfect pop of color I was going for!

(Click to enlarge if you're interested in the details!)

I wanted to lay out all the details about our wedding, so the girls would know everything up front. Two packs of scalloped A6 postcards did the trick...I laid out my info in Word, making sure each postcard was progressively longer, allowing me to cut, then bundle them as seen in a prior photo. 

In these cards, was totally honest with the girls: more than anything in the world, I want them to feel beautiful on my big day. I explained that they'd be selecting their own gowns, something that they felt lovely + comfortable in. 

I also tackled the "role" of bridemaid, and what it meant to me: it doesn't mean someone who plans a shower, a bachelorette party, buys me some ridiculous gift or tags along to every wedding-related appointment for the next year. Truly, I don't want any of those things! Their role is to know that I love them, how much I've appreciated their presence in my life, and that I couldn't imagine the biggest day of my life without them next to me every step of the way. I'm honored to have their friendship and love. In short: wear a bangin' dress, wipe away my tears and have an amazing time.

Since each girl will be selecting her own dress, I threw in a few paint chips. My color palette is wide: anything in a light blue, aqua or seafoam hue is grand with me. I also threw in a few inspiration photos so they'd really get where I was going with the mismatched dress thing...and not think I've taken up cocaine. Because my biggest wedding fear is financially stressing out someone we love, we included that lil' polka dot envelope with a Visa gift card. I want my girls to be emotionally and financially stress-free. :)

All told, I gotta be honest: This project was a little time consuming...from shopping to painting to printing to mailing, it was an investment of about two hours a box. But since I'm being honest, it was worth every second. The girls loved them, and I feel like I really gave them a sense of what our wedding's about, as well as how much they're appreciated.

Plus, it was a good baby step into the absolute mound of DIY wedding projects I have planned. :)


  1. Oh my goodness, that's a super idea! The boxes came out so beautiful!

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    2. Very creative! I love those boxes. You could sites offering similar advices here here

  2. Wow, that's so creative and thoughtful. I bet they LOVED it!

    1. These boxes are so adorable. I love them! You have got amazing skills

  3. LOVE THIS! I (of course) read the details and they have me crying. Seriously, you have SUCH a way with words and I think you're so generous with them. Oh my, you are going to have the most beautiful wedding because it's going to be FULL of sincere emotion & lotsa love!

    So happy for you!!!!!

  4. that is the cutest idea EVER

  5. What lucky girls you have. Your eye for details is unmatched. If I ever get lucky enough to find a great guy I may just hire you to plan my wedding.

  6. This project may have taken some time but OMG it is the cutest idea ever and i love it and one day may steal it from you when i get married! how thoughtful and sweet! i can already tell the your wedding is going to be so elegant and heart warming!
    :) Bobbi

  7. As a former bride and sometimes bridesmaid, I want to let you know that this is hands down the most thoughtful and lovely bride/bridesmaid philosophy I've ever, ever seen. Don't even get me started on the keepsake asking project. You are a true doll.

    To every girl considering a wedding: this is the kind of bride to be.

  8. These boxes are such a good idea. I will have to remember the cute boxes for when I get hitched. So creative! Love your blog!

  9. This is absolutely beautiful. I love it.

  10. Oh.my.gosh. You are SO creative!! This was truly such a beautiful, well thought out, and unique idea. I can tell your wedding is going to be so gorgeous and special :)

  11. Such a great idea and I LOVE mismatched bridesmaid dresses!! My sil did that for he wedding and the look is so stinkin' cute!

  12. Wow Bethany!
    You are such a sweet friend and you are also so generous. This was amazing.

  13. This is amazing, and so incredibly thoughtful! Kudos to you for making your bridesmaids feel so spectacular.

  14. How sweet are you?! I asked all my bridesmaids in person but we all live close enough still that I can do that reasonably. I do want to send them something about their dresses/expectations though because I, like you, do not want them to have stress but rather enjoy time with me over the next year.

    You're very thoughtful and I'm sure all the girls did love it like you said. How could you not? Hah!

    Creative. :)

  15. This has to be one of the most beautiful DIYs I've ever seen. Simply beautiful and thoughtful. But I wouldn't expect anything less from you ;-)

  16. they are beautiful boxes Bethany! They must have been thrilled to receive them!

  17. I'm sure they said yes! I love your creativity but most of all the sweetness in each box. You are a great person! You'll have the nicest wedding! Good luck!!

  18. I love your crafts. Really. They're perfect.

  19. This is so sweet and thoughtful. I love it!

  20. What a beautiful thing to do! You are super creative.

  21. These are incredible, Bethany. Like, jaw dropping. I can't wait to see what else you cook up. This is the reason I have you filed under the "Blogs I love" category on my reader.

  22. Simply beautiful! Love the colors that you are going with. Your girls must have been so excited to get these. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for the wedding--the details make the event, in my opinion, and you certainly have an eye for them.

  23. What a treasure, so thoughtful. The time was so worth the investment and I love your philosophy on the whole bridesmaid concept. Celebrate friendship, have a rockin good time and have the support of those you love. Beautiful! Bellissimo!

  24. What a sweet, memorable way to ask your bridesmaids! And I love the fact that you included color samples to show the range they can pick from. They are going to be over the moon to be able to pick something they like and feel pretty in!

  25. If ever there was a wedding to be part of, I have a feeling this one will be it! You have clearly set the tone for thing early on...gorgeous, heartfelt and gosh darn magical. I love it. Every bit of it.

  26. oh goodness, this is too much! i love it!! if if have more than just a maid of honor when i get married then i totally plan on doing something sweet like this to ask them!

  27. You are kidding me! This is amazing- truly inspiring. What an incredible friend you are. and talented to boot (:

  28. I absolutly love this. I found you on Wedding Chicks and I'm so glad I did. :]

  29. The sweetest thing I have ever seen.

    Just makes me want to cry. So wonderful.

    They are lucky to have you in their lives.

  30. This is beautiful and sweet and you took all the things I wanted and turned them into a sweet, complete idea. I'm using a variation of this to ask my bridesmaids to stand behind me and I would like to thank you for the inspiration! :)

  31. What kind of paint did you use ? I loved the idea. I want a more green. But not sure what kind of paint to use.

  32. This. Is. Amazing. I've been thinking a lot about how to ask my girls and you have completely inspired me with your idea, your words, and the love you have for your ladies!

  33. Do you speak portuguese????

    Eu amei a idéia, e certamente usarei no meu casamento...

    I loved...

  34. oh my goodness. you are incredibly creative. i just got engaged and have been scurrying to find a great way to ask my girls. i mean, they already pretty much know they are in it, but this is such a good way to officially ask. i will have to take great inspiration from you. thanks so much for sharing!

  35. I just ran across your blog from a Pinterest link. I love this idea and I bet the ladies loved it!

  36. Saw this on Pinterest and although I've seen this concept played out several times, I've never seen it done as well as you have! Beautiful.

  37. I'm definitely borrowing this idea! I have totally the same philosophy when it comes to bridesmaids and weddings. Thanks for sharing :)

  38. Thanks for the inspiration!! I loved this idea so much and decided to use it for my bridesmaid as well.

    Thank you for such an awesome idea!


  39. THESE ARE SO CUTE! I am now dying to find a boyfriend and get married just to do something similar! Haha.

  40. You are such an inspiration!!!! I loved these!! I am definitely doing something similar (sorry but I just love the idea too much) :)

  41. thank you for your inspiration! i just posted the boxes i made for my bridesmaids!

  42. These came out so great! I love the colors that you chose. I made my own version for my bridespeople, if you'd like to take a look!


  43. Can you put your details for what you put inside the box??

  44. Can you post what the details say, it won't enlarge, very cool idea!

  45. This is the best idea I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing. I might just steal the idea! hehe xoxox

  46. these are beautiful! what does the cover look like when it's closed?

  47. Hi Bethany! I know you are terribly busy, but when you have some down time, do you mind letting me know what font you used on the cards in your boxes? It is LOVELY! Also, I'm stealing your idea and can't find a font I like better :) Thanks Lady!

  48. like the idea you are going with...It is completely adorable.
    Send Gifts To Pakistan From Australia.

  49. I love your blog! It's full of elegant details and you write in a way that it thoughtful and beautiful.

    I just recently got engaged and was inspired to create my own boxes after reading this post. Thank you for the tutorial and the wonderful idea!

    So Adorable.

  50. Thank you for sharing such a creative and beautiful idea!!! I am newly engaged and have been looking for a special and fun way to ask my girls to be apart of my big day...LOVE this idea!! So much that I am going to use this!

  51. If the world had more brides like you it would be a beautiful place.

  52. These are absolutely beautiful!! Do you happen to remember what size cigar boxes you used, I can only seem to find small square ones.

    1. Did you ever find out about sizing? I'm having the same problem now!!

  53. Gorgeous! You did a brilliant job with this and have inspired many (including me!).

  54. It is true, that a housekeeper help well for decoration house and cleaning this.

  55. Bethany, everything was beautiful and you did a wonderful job with the boxes. I was curious as to if you could let me know if you did anything really special for your maid of honor and if you still had the wording you used on the index cards for inside? I can't get the text to enlarge

  56. This may be a long shot, but I stumbled upon these from pinterest, and I would love to know where you got the gift card pouches? Thanks!!

  57. Oh my. What a cute little keepsake box. Couldn't you have sent me a box too, just so I could have one ;-)
    Those are like a precious piece of home, storing memories that they can carry around with them wherever they go.
    I hope that every one of them appreciated the care and thought you put into those box. They are quite lovely.

  58. so cute! thanks for the inspiration!

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