the grieving process.

My Paris clothes might still be in the suitcase and I haven't yet removed all the boarding passes from my purse, but things around here are getting back to normal...emotionally. But that didn't happen before I mourned a little. Whenever Gabe leaves, I go through my own grieving process of ridiculousness. It's like a post-breakup montage from a bad rom-com. The process begins the moment I leave the airport and lasts about two days. It all goes a lil' something like this:

Eat piece of cake the size of a dinner plate.
Doze off for fitful two-hour nap.
Awaken to listen to Andrea Bocelli's emotional Con te Partirò. Sign along loudly and off key...and in English.
Fall to sleep due to emotionally exhausting duet with Bocelli.
Refuse to change out of favorite sweats. (This continues for at least 36 hours.)
Give in to at least ten solid crying jags, mix with staring at the TV for long periods of time with a frighteningly blank expression.
Demolish container of mac and cheese...followed by two cups of mashed potatoes.
Decide that I'm not that smelly, and can wait to shower tomorrow.
Nap instead.
Youtube "babies laughing" and "baby goats" in an attempt to feel joy. Discover this plan works brilliantly.
Emerge from cave of sadness to make some irrational craft store purchases. (Remain unshowered and in sweatpants.)

Upon leaving my cave of pity, I discover that life without Gabe is, yes, considerably more lonely, but completely livable. The pity party continues in small ways...like shedding a few tears or treating myself to an iced chai...but for the most part I rejoin society.

And this time, in all that pity-partying I  did something of worth: I pumped out my very first wedding project which I'll be sharing with you next week! I'm jazzed at the results, but crossing my heart that this place will not turn into Wedding Central. Yet in truth, my wedding is an excellent excuse to get a lil' crafty. And I'm loving it.

If you're a fellow sister in The States or Canada, I wish you a happy holiday weekend. If you're from elsewhere...I'm giving you permission to eat frighteningly sketchy meat a hot dog, wear your tackiest red, white + blue outfit and blow up crap in the middle of your lawn.

Happy weekend, wherever you are...and whatever you do.


  1. Oh your pitty party routine sounds frighteningly similar to mine, except mine involves ice cream instead of cake. Can't wait to see your wedding project next week! Happy 4th of July (I'm in Vancouver, BC, so it's Canada Day today). Hugs.

  2. Awww you're so cute! Keep yourself knee deep in wedding planning! Can't wait to see what you've done. And feel free to share every wedding detail with us if you please.

    Life is great :)

  3. When I read, "Youtube 'babies laughing' and 'baby goats' in an attempt to feel joy," I thought, "Yup, we would totally get along." :)

  4. happy 4th of July lovely friend! Thank you for the sweet note of excitement on my blog this evening. xox

  5. Happy 4th of July...I quite enjoyed your recounting of your grieving process...I totally get it..

  6. You know what will cheer you up now?

    Planning your wedding.

    Holy mother this is gonna be good :)

    Happy 4th!


  7. I've thrown a similar pity party - never fun, but sometimes necessary.

    I can't wait to see the project you've started - it'll be fun to follow along as you plan the big day.

  8. When in the midst of a pity party, I highly recommend that you Google "Baby monkey riding backwards on a pig". Makes me laugh every time.

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