honeymooning: the plan.

(The colors of my home...little bits and baubles from my apartment.)

Last Friday, I squawked about selecting our honeymoon spot and challenged you to guess  where we'll shack up. (Classy, I know.) I fancied myself tricky enough to surprise you girls, but alas...you all know me too well. 

It's GREECEThe whites, blues and seafoams. Alli was right: it was my color palette that gave it away! And we're blocking off two weeks to take on this country.

Week one: The picturesque island of Santorini is our backdrop, chillin' in the city of Oai, which boasts itself as the most beautiful place to watch a sunset. (We plan to check that out every night.) Ever the planner, Gabe scoured the island to find the perfect, perfect place to stay, Ikies Traditional Houses. They're sweet little cave houses carved into the side of the city, overlooking the caldera...large, comfy balconies with hot tubs + cushy seating...and the photos already have my heart pounding. Perfect for holing up if we'd like, perfect for stepping out if we prefer.

Week two: Our best friends are joining us in Athens! Did you just raise your eyebrows? We know it sounds a lil' strange. But conveniently enough, our best friends happen to be married to each other...and this past December we uncovered that they, too, are longing to visit Greece. So, that's handy, right? Week two is morphing into a seven day dream-double-date of sorts. While honeymooning with your pals might sound odd, we're all so comfortable together that we're totally digging the idea. Why not? Our group of four hasn't exactly had a team meeting, but we're all on the same page: Sightseeing. Eating. Relaxing. Laughing.

A romantic week alone with my new husband. A playful week together with our best friends. Dream. Honeymoon. 

I may or may not be more excited for my honeymoon than for my wedding. That's okay, right?

Have you been to Greece? If not, is it on your travel list? Will it be just like Mamma Mia? Oh, I hope so.


  1. This sounds so perfect! My housemate just got back from a cruise of the Greek Islands and said it was amazing. Brendan has been there too and said its beautiful - lovely honeymoon location.

  2. i'm so jealous! i have been wanting to visit santorini ever since i saw the sisterhood of the traveling pants for the first time. haha. have fun!

  3. sounds so fun.
    i just dogsat for friends who went and said it was everything they thought it would be :)
    and i think a double date honeymoon is AWESOME

  4. Sounds amazing! I've never been to Greece, but it's on my list of places to go. On the subject of sharing a honeymoon, my BFF got married in Scotland and we all stayed for a week--their honeymoon ended up including about 18 friends and family members. Super fun!

  5. Color me jealous. With Baby JEGs on the way, we had to put our plans for a honeymoon off ANOTHER year. Maybe by the time I'm 40 ;)

    Greece sounds wonderful-- I've always wanted to go!


  6. Oh, that sounds wonderful! I would love to visit Greece someday! You are going to have such a magical time!

  7. Ummm if you weren't going on your honeymoon, I'd beg you to take me with you.
    .....On second thought,

  8. Swoon!

    Alan and I would be happy to join you as well... ;~)

    So, is the plan to leave soon after the wedding day? Like, one year from right now, will you be in Greece? {I may just swoon again...}

    So exciting, Bethany!

  9. I really hope you can find a Pierce Brosnan look-alike, but only if he can't sing! :-) So much fun!!

  10. The honeymoon is the best part of the wedding because the wedding is over, the stress is gone, and YOU'RE MARRIED!!! Greece sounds amazing!

  11. Well that sounds great! I've never been to Greece but I imagine it to be beautiful. I bet you'll have a wonderful time there!

  12. My one piece of advice for visiting Greece: don't plan on staying in Athens for more than a day. But on a happier note, you will LOVE the food.

  13. I spent a week in Athens back in January and absolutely LOVED it! We stayed at a boutique hotel that had amazing view of the acropolis. It was called the Magna Grecia. There is so much to see and the cafes are great. What a wonderful honeymoon you have planned. Santorini is definitely on my list to see..

  14. Sounds great! As I said last time, my sister has visited before which is how I knew about the excessive use of white and blue (she loved it). I think it sounds amazing. I'd be just fine meeting friends along the way as long as we could all agree where to visit! I definitely understand having more excitement about the honeymoon. It's a lot more fun to plan than the wedding!

  15. So I woke up the other morning to find that you and Erin had hijacked my fb wall!! hee hee, funny pair!
    Very jealous indeed of your honeymoon destination and I am sure it will be fabulous! My husband and I have looked at that exact accomodation before infact and it looks beautiful. I adore Greece and have been to several islands but never to my dream of Santorini. You will feel in heaven I am sure!

  16. That sounds so wonderful, Bethany!! Unfortunately, I've never been to Greece (although I'd love to visit one day), but my younger brother just returned from there a few days ago! His school hosts a trip to another country every couple of years, and this time around it was Greece. He seems to have had an amazing time, and the photos he brought back look incredible!
    <3 Kiersten

  17. That doesnt sound strange at all, to meet up with friends. You've got a solid week alone, plus a lifetime together, you can squeeze in some good friends as well. And think - someone to take your photo! You won't have to ask as many strangers!

  18. I'm pretty sure you and Gabe need a 2nd set of best friends...on the opposite coast. Because I seriously need to stay in one of those little cubbies. Every picture is just freaking gorgeous. I think having your friends along will be awesome. I remember joking with my bff way back when we were planning ours that we should all go together. Same bff went to that exact Greek location two years ago on her h-moon and didn't think to invite me! Meh! Can you believe it??!

  19. Everytime I think of Greece, I think of Mamma Mia!
    Ooooh. You're going to the land of amazing food and beautiful endless seas :)


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