i believe in mondays.

Are Mondays your most-likely-to-be-creatively-braindead day? Ooohhh, they are for me. I'm not working a Monday-Friday schedule, but I still find them discouraging. Infact, Mondays are often a creative forfeit for me. And I've learned that if I don't jump in right away...creatively embracing the week...days can pass before I pick up my camera. Or handcraft something. Or even write a little ditty.

But I believe that Monday can be just as inspired as any other day of the week. If I try. So, I'm starting a little series called I Believe In Mondays, where I'll rattle off a few things I genuinely support. From the serious to the silly. The frivolous to the ridiculous. Things that brighten my life and bolster my spirits. Mostly a stab at forcefed creativity, I'm hoping that that by taking my first creative breath early in the week, Mondays will become just the beginning of a week blooming with inspiration...rather than a day which slips by with nary an artistic effort made. Ready? Okay!

This week I believe...

...in buying shirts from the Selena Gomez little girl's collection at Kmart. (See above.) At $7, there ain't no shame!

...in falling more in love with my fiance every day. Seriously, it's happening. This is a BIG surprise to me, and has disproven my long-held theory that engagement + marriage would be a slow, downward slope into dwindling affection. And it's dispelled my lifelong fears that I might go Runaway Bride on my wedding day. (More on this Runaway Bride business later.)

...in spray paint as the single most effective tool in any DIY decorator's toolbox.

...in crossbody purses. Finally. I was torn for months, but now I've learned: It's the easy peasiest way to carry a whole lotta junk, hands free. Snatch up a similar style here.

...that PMS is always a valid one week excuse for hopping off a diet + exercise regimen. Can I get an amen?

...in posting photos, even when they're imperfect. Like the one above.

What do you believe in today...or every day? Do tell!


  1. AMEN!! On that "special" week I say to myself, "I feel fat anyway, screw it!" and I sit on my couch watching re-runs of Roseanne and eat a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies.

  2. I super love that your shirt is from Selena Gomez's K-Mart collection, and I totally want one of my own!

  3. I confess I have been known to browse the little girls section of Target, KMart and WalMart. No shame lady-- they have some cute things.

    And um... what is imperfect about the above photo? I see nothing ;)


  4. @Kate: THANK YOU! I do the same. This internal monologue tells me that I already feel fat, I might as well eat the peanut butter + chocolate brownie anyway. And reruns of Roseanne? Can we be real life friends? Because I dig that show. My parents never let me watch it growing up...but now it's a bit of a guilty pleasure. :)

    @MrsKinne: Oh, thank you! You should definitely check your local Kmart. If you have one. I hear those places took a lil' tumble a few years back... :)

    @LizzieBeth: Whoohoo! I am not alone. I always feel like SUCH the creeper when I'm trollin' racks of shirts next to a 12 year old. But whatevs. I'm short with decent skin and an eager smile, I can pass for 14. And the photo? It's a lil' too blown out + blurry for my taste. But we're going with it.

    Too all: In all fairness, I do believe Selena Gomez's collection is considered something of a "juniors" variety...but it all feels very little girlishly sweet. Just an FYI. :)

  5. I love this idea!
    Although, as discouraging as Mondays can be though, I have this love of "beginnings", and I suppose that Mondays sort of qualify. I tend to think of all the things I want to do that week on Mondays, and sometimes that helps me to get more things done!
    Also, I love the shirt. Nobody needs to know that it's a Selena Gomez!
    <3 Kiersten

  6. Amen to that. :) There's no chance in the world I would fit into something in the girls section at Target so yay for you! I would if I could - I've seen those shirts too.

    I love the way you write about Gabe! I think you're absolutely right that it can get better with time if you are right for each other.

    Lastly, that above photo is perfect! I love your colors (house, shirt, skin tone....). You're beautiful!

  7. Bahaha! I wasn't allowed either! I think it's because I said one time that out of all the family sitcoms, I thought mine most related to Roseanne (and The Simpsons!). My Mom didn't like that too much... but I have now seen every episode of Roseanne thanks to Netflix!

  8. Ok, I just did a whole post on purse envy, and I gotta say, I LOVE YOUR CROSSBODY PURSE!! I want it!

  9. Holy crap sweetie, you're beautiful. Seriously, that's all I kept thinking for like, the first five minutes I saw your post come up in my blogroll. I love your new series, and I may be heading to a Kmart to check out Selena's new line. I think that girl is adorable and, frankly, pretty awesome. This post made me smile. Mondays are usually so blase for me, maybe thinking about some awesome, creative-type things could help.

  10. Today I believe that a picture of your daughter's smiling face can improve an otherwise crappy Monday!
    So glad I'm your Mom and that you carry such a beautiful smile for me and others to enjoy!

  11. I like this idea!

    I believe that unless someone saw you in a cute outfit yesterday it is totally okay to wear it again today.

  12. I know I am going to love this series! What a great idea...

    As for the things you believe in, that I do too:

    I say "Yay!" to the spray paint. Just spray painted an old door and a desk I got free off the side of the road and my new office space is looking fabulous already! I can't wait for it to be finished.

    Amen! PMS kills me every month. I say why not embrace it, and the chocolate chip cookies :)

    I am all about posting photos. Lots of them. And yours, my dear, are always oh-so-beautiful. The one above included!

    Happy, happy Monday to you!

  13. Amen! I gotta do Thai take-out on "those" days. And spray paint is definitely the easiest way to transform something and feel like a DIY expert, if even for a moment :)


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