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In the past month, I've been making an effort to establish a skin care routine. I noticed a few laugh lines, nothing to stress about...but it's time to be proactive. (But not like...Proactive, the skin care product.) I'm lucky that I've not struggled with acne, even in my teen years, but I do battle dryness and patchy coloring. And often, my skin isn't ultra soft + clean.

So, sis and I hit up the make up counters at Macy's in search of free makeovers and some new products. The end result? You could say it was varied. Sis looked great. But, I'm just gonna come out with it: I looked like a hooker. A really, really expensive hooker, but a hooker nonetheless. (Mom, I hope you're proud of this moment.) I threw some cash at the woman who'd given me frightening makeover, grabbed my bag of skin care products and shot out of that place like a bat out of hell. Sis shuttled me to the bathroom, on the lookout for anyone we might know.

After a significant sponging of my face, I reaffirmed that I did like what she'd done with my skin. The foundation coverage was mild, soft to the touch and felt clean as could be. And it didn't look powdery, as foundation usually does on my dry skin.

Now that I've rocked this routine for a solid three weeks, I'm comfortable saying that it's made a huge difference in my skin. It's more predictable. It's smooth. Products last longer into the day. And while I still dream of someday achieving that sexy, dewy glow ala J-Lo...pale girls like me will never obtain it. So for now: I'm totally satisfied with my lil' makeover.

Here's what I've recently added to my make-up bag:

one: : : Lancome Tonique Confort, available here.
two: : : Clinique Pore Refining Solutions, available here
three: : :Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation in Ivorie 4, available here
four : : :E.L.F. Foundation Brush, available here.
five : : :E. L. F. Essential Eye Shadow Brush, available here
six : : :Mary Kay Golden Cheek Brush, available when stolen from your mother's make up bag. Guess that's out, now.

What's your most treasured skin care product? Is it cool that I still nerd out over Biore Pore Strips? They were brand new when I was about 12, and therefore make me feel like I'm at an eighth grade sleepover with a contraband Cosmo magazine. (Gasp! "How to Please Him Tonight?" Giggle, giggle!)


  1. I have very sensitive skin (especially recently) and my miracle product has been DDF Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Gel. It's helped clear up my acne significantly and has helped heal the scarring (this all occurred within 3 months time! arrrhg!!). Peter Thomas Roth also has an awesome glycolic acid/salicylic acid cleanser that I use a couple times of week.

    I love fair skin! I think creamy, fair skin like yours is more beautiful than those with a tan.

  2. ha! i can totally relate to the biore/cosmo feelings - that was so me.

    good for you for having a routine. i don't really follow any routine, but i def should.

    you look beautiful! (and totally not hookerish on ordinary days) :)

  3. For extra glowy/fresh skin, I like to use a face mask with fruit enzymes in it, and of course, drink lots and lots of water! xoxo

  4. I personally fell in love with Chanels skincare line & makeup after using Bobbi Brown for years then suddenly developing an allergic reaction to their products. I went for the free makeover not realizing how pricey their goods were but once I saw the results & how my skin did so well, I thought, hmm, its worth the splurge! Plus their skincare products smell fresh, like tulips! :)

    How do you get such great photos all the time? Do you have a special camera? When I post pics, you can soo tell its with either my nikon cool pics camera or my iphone, LOL

  5. I have super dry skin which is also quite pale and, unfortunately, extensively freckled. I don't like the look of foundation, especially over my freckles. So I actually dab a bit of my go to moisturizer with SPF on the back of my hand and then mix in a small amount of tinted moisturizer and blend the two together. For me, it works well to cover up my patchy spots but it looks very natural.

    I also keep a pack of facial wipes in the drawer of my nightstand so there is absolutely no excuse for me to not at least take my make up off before bed even if I'm so exhausted I can't be bother to walk into the bathroom.

  6. So that's where my Mary Kay Cheek Brush went to! I thot it looked familiar! (Need any socks while you're at it?)

  7. I would bet that you have been lucky not to have breakouts, probably due to all those fruits and veggies you eat. They say that breakouts, are a form allergies and unbalance of ph in your body. Eating enough veggies in your diet helps balance your body and provide much needed micro nutriens. In regards to a good facial mask - I have tried two masks that are homemade from organic foods one: avacado and honey two: yogurt and honey. My skin never felt so soft in my life after these treatments!

  8. I don't do anything.... ever. Basically I never reached the stage where I cared more about my looks/health than my time. :( I'm glad I'm not always worried but the downside is I have no motivation to fix anything! I really should take better care of my skin.

    Cosmo always makes me laugh now. Like you, when I was younger everyone made a big deal out of it but now when I see "100 new sex positions!" I just think 'How can there possibly be that many new things to discover in sex??'. Hah.

    I'm sorry you looked like a hooker but, let's face it, it's a great story! Plus I'm glad you found a gem in it all to share. :) I'll definitely check them out! Thanks!

    Plus... You. are. GORGEOUS. Wow Bethany! Every time I see a photo of you I'm flabbergasted!

  9. I would have paid good money to see you look like a hooker. But no, all we get is another stunning close-up. Seriously! Stop being so hot! :)

    My favorite product and the only thing I can pretty much deal with remembering to use is Cetaphil. However, since giving birth, my hormones have been insane and make my face do some crazy things that the Cetaphil can't keep up with. Sigh.

    btw, John begs me to Biore his nose to see what kind of grossness appears. We are that couple.

  10. I am still trying to establish a face care routine. Every time I think I have it nailed down, some new little spots pop up. I think I have the most combination-y skin ever to exist. I'm testing out some Philosophy products right now and hoping they work! I'm so glad you found a good routine to keep yourself looking even MORE gorgeous than original, which I didn't know was possible but, you know, whatever. :)


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