thank you.

(Me, celebrating some curvature.)

My mother asked me to make something clear, as she currently fears for her life: she had nothing to do with these tasteless comments about my weight + my wedding. Lest the angry mob come searching for someone to pay for my emotional stress, she needs it known that her hands are clean!! 

I couldn't stop laughing when she pointed this out. While rabble rousing wasn't what I aimed to do, I had to smile over all the comments...both those that offered emotional support and those that offered a more physical approach to dealing with the unsavory comments. It was like having one pissed off older brother, ready to tackle whomever had hurt his little sis.

Or, I imagine that's what it was like. I'm brotherless. Regardless, thank you. To everyone who dropped encouraging words + funny solutions: your time and thoughts were so appreciated. A handful of them made me cry. Many of them made me giggle. And some of them made me think. A few of them did all three. I treasured each word. Truly, I did.

After reading my post, a few girlfriends pulled me aside to reason with me to not lose weight before the wedding. They each made the same positive point: When I look back at my wedding photos, I want to see me...not some sad, shell of a girl who whittled away months trying to fit into a size 2 gown...and still isn't happy with herself. Rock those healthy curves,  they said, rather than show up to the big day looking not like me.

They're right. Currently, I'm the smallest I've been in my adult life. I should embrace and celebrate it! And so for now, I'm making healthy efforts to take care of my bod, little things to help me feel beautiful: At 25, I've finally established a skin-care regiment. I've stopped dying my hair. I've incorporated exercise into my routine at least four times a week. I've almost completely cut out soda, and have welcomed drinking 10 glasses of water a day. I even have an electric toothbrush, cause you've gotta take care of that smile.

And most importantly, tending to my emotional health: I'm learning to believe I can be beautiful, just as I am. No matter what size.

Whew. That's a big one.


  1. You are so gorgeous!! I definitely don't think you need to lose any weight. Your healthy and that's the most important thing even though I know how hard it can be to concentrate on that with all of life's pressures.

  2. Beth, I always thought you were beautiful, and still are....just the way you are. I dedicate Bruno Mar's song "Just The Way You Are" to you, because I am certain that Gabe feels this way about you...that you are AMAZING just the way you are!

    I look forward to reading future posts about your upcoming nuptials and seeing the beautiful things you will no doubt have selected.

  3. ok, so i know that this is totally lame and outdated, but



  4. As a dental hygienist, two thumbs up for the electrical tooth brush!

    But seriously, you are beautiful! :)

  5. For you to say that you are emotionally healthy is the best thing of all. I know how hard it's been dealing with the scum that you've had to deal with over the past couple years. Here's to you being in a good place and planning the rest of your wonderful future with your wonderful man!

  6. Your words are beautiful, as are you! Please don't become one of those crazy brides who eats nothing but a cube-of-cheese-a-day. Rock what you got girl!

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