My fam hopped in the car on Saturday for a semi-impromptu trip to Chicago...my aunt and her family live just outside of the Windy City, and we staged the closest thing to a reunion my paternal side of the family has seen in years. Only two members were missing: my cousin Chad and my fiance, Gabe.

Pretty. Durn. Close. :)

We opted to stay at a hotel in order to keep things sane for my aunt who was hosting...and this meant one thing: hitting the pool. Although I'd found a one-piece suit months ago at Old Navy, it was left behind in my frantic packing. So, my dad honored the a need to shop and drove us to the nearest mall, where I snagged this suit on sale. On my way to the checkout, a crocheted swim cover up** found its way into my arms. Don't you hate when that happens?

And while I doubted it for a second, I surprisingly...LOVE it. It lends an appropriate amount of modest coverage...especially if, like me, you're not a skinny-minnie and have a few body image issues. But, the playful crochet is enough fun to still feel young and retro.

Later that day, my trusty $20 sunglasses bit the dust. So, it was off to Target where I picked up these ridiculous olive + gold shades**. I made my sister swear they weren't totally unattractive on me. Truth is: I didn't care. They were too fun to follow rules about face shapes and lens size.

When this outfit came together the next day, poolside...I may have looked like I stepped out of a 70's time capsule.

Oh, well. It was groovy to me.

**These items are no longer available on the Target and JCPenney website. Bummer, right? What gives? Check out a photo of the crocheted cover up here.


  1. I love a hotel pool. I also love channeling my inner 70s diva!

    Writing you a letter. I figure you could use something cute to put up on your fridge. Watch the post!

  2. LOVE this photo! While you're thinking groovy 70's, my initial thought on that black and white rug was 60's mod. I love it and I'm bummed that cover-up can't be mine!

  3. I need you to make a quick trip to the mall for me - I'm never this successful.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! i so need a cover up!
    :) Bobbi

  5. A gorgeous 70s time capsule! Take away the greasy hair, and it was really fun fashion.

  6. I love the whole ensemble! Cute!

  7. seriously cute. but why are they already clearancing swimsuits out when i haven't even made it in to my swimsuit yet this year????

  8. I love the bathing suit and the cover-up! They both look so cute, and I'm sure you looked great in them, even if it did look like something right out of the 70s (frankly, I kind of prefer clothing from that decade).
    I actually just made a trip to the local outlets today to get some summer clothes (my wardrobe was seriously lacking), and I'm so happy with what I came home with!
    I'm glad you had a great 4th of July weekend!!
    <3 Kiersten

  9. I love this photo! You look so chic!

  10. Completely cute outfit!! Great picks Bethany!

  11. I think you look pretty amazing. The way you are posing is just perfect. I think the sunglasses and the cover up are both fantastic finds :) Thanks for your kind words.

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