brand new wheels.

"Would you like to wait a few weeks, and I can assemble it while I'm in town?"

He knows me too well. I'd just asked my then-boyfriend, now fiancee, if I could invest in an adorable retro bicycle. His response was the kindest way he knew to sidestep one of my biggest flaws: Follow through. I hop on an idea and drill, drill, drill it to the ground. I need to do this! This will vastly improve my life! My life is not complete unless I do 
thiiiiiiis! Right! Now! And within 15 days, I'm off it. Over it. Done.

But, this was different, and I knew it. It was June, I'd just moved closer into downtown...now was the perfect time to break in a bicycle! He obliged, teasing me that within a week I'd be over it, and he could say I-told-you-so.

Yet, I'm here two months later to gloat. Because I'm so utterly in love that
 I've ridden it almost every day. And it helped me lose some weight...which is odd, because I'm usually cycling to Dairy Queen for a chocolate waffle cone. The math doesn't add up, but I'm not complaining!

We booked THE most amazing wedding photographers--Jeff Loves Jessica, I bet you know Jess from her blog--and I know they could find such a fun way to incorporate these wheels into our engagement photos...but, our engagement session won't be until this winter. And something tells me this babe might not work so well in three feet of snow. Could I ship it to California to use for playful photos on our wedding day? Pure ridiculousness? Hmm.

But for now, I've got to tick off the essentials: This beaut needs a name. Obviously I'm feeling the need to go retro in the name department...and incase you're wondering, it's a she.

Any suggestions?


  1. Millie. I like Millie. Short for Mildred Ann.

  2. Look's like an Estelle to me

  3. She's beautiful! I agree with LizzieBeth, she'd make a great Millie.

  4. I'm jealous!! I've wanted a bike like this for ages!! Alas, I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by gravel. It probably wouldn't work out very well :(

    For a name....how about Fern?

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  6. I immediately thought she looked like either a Daphnie or a Stella. But I like Millie, too!

    I think everything needs a name. My car is Moxie and I call my boyfriend's truck Hank.

  7. That's so great that you will have Jeff & Jessica as your photographers! I hear they are the nicest people. :)

    And your new bike is lovely.

  8. I've been dreaming of a bike like this forever!

    She feels like a Rebecca to me.

  9. That is awesome that you are using Jessica and Jeff...love, love LOVE her blog! The bike is beautiful...maybe she's a Sadie?

  10. My vote is Dottie. Super cute! Would love to have one of my own one day.

  11. what a beautiful new bike! i had to leave my bike in texas with my parents because there's not enough room for it in my new york apartment and i can't wait to be reunited with it(:

  12. For some reason she looks like a Penelope. Penny for short, as in "Shiny like a Brand NEW Penny!"

  13. *sigh*

    I'm having to fight the green eyed monster in me. ;)

    Congrats on your lovely!

    I thought of two names: Evania (means swift) or Marge (means pearl and well your lovely is a sort of precious pearl that can help you travel the "oyster" of the local world).

  14. This is gorgeous! So jealous! I'm in favor of Millie, like LizzieBeth!

  15. so weird, i came to leave you a comment telling you she's definitely a mildred, and there's like 65 other comments saying the same thing!

    definitely mildred. (millie.)

    i name things, too! my husband thinks i'm cuh-razy, but it makes sense to me!

  16. Name her Alice because I have always wanted to name my daughter Alice (after my grandma) but hubby said no cuz (get this) it sounds to old....so I try to get everyone to name things or people (I'm not picky) Alice since I can't!!

  17. she is so pretty!!! I need to get a bike so bad. Re: name, I am on the Stella train.

  18. I was going to suggest Estelle, but it looks like Adam beat me to it! Essie, for short.

    LOVE your bike. We used our bikes in our engagement shoot. Mine is a vintage replica, but my husbands is an original 50s German bike. Here's the link if you're interested :) http://real-street.blogspot.com/2010/12/wedding-inspiration-engagement-photos.html

    x Jasmine

    PS. What kind of editing do you do to your photos? I love the whimsical feel of them.

  19. She's lovely!! I think you should call her Myrtle Pearl. That was my grandma's name. So. Darn. Retro. If you like, you she could go by "MP" for short, though. I won't mind!

  20. That is a Daisy, for SURE. :) But I'm sure whatever you pick will be FAB.

  21. Elodie? Lark? Skye? Those are the first three that popped into my head, I have no other explanation.

  22. Love the new bike! I just returned from vacation in Long Beach Island, and while there we went biking (for the first time in YEARS). Although my knees were seriously angry with me that night, I want a cute little bike like this to ride around campus!!
    As for a name, although I know I'm late on the uptake here, how about Lilly? I'm not sure why, but that name seems fitting to me!
    <3 Kiersten


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