a cup of cheer.

(Yes. I drank this entire cup. And more.)

When we were in Paris, I became hopelessly addicted to hot chocolate. That French stuff ain't no Swiss Miss! Gabe likens it to chocolate soup, an impeccable ratio of melted chocolate to pure cream...so thick that my spoon practically stood up in it. And yet their women don't get fat. How is that fair?!

Since returning home from our trip I've thought about it daily, but haven't dared replicate it. Nothing could hold a candle to it, so why try? 

But, I have recently become a coffee drinker, an interest that blossomed a little more each morning last week when my best friend or her hubbie made this ta-die-for chocolate coffee--french press style--with fat free vanilla creamer. Upon returning home last Sunday, I ran out and bought my own french press and am now a believer.

Are you a coffee drinker? Starbucks girl? Drip coffee? French press? Do tell. I've so much to learn!

And holy smokes, girls! In a few years, when Gabe and I have babies I shall bequeath you the duty of naming our little bundles. Way to bust out some fabulous names for my bike! I'm taking the weekend to ponder which seems most fitting. But I'll be sure to share next week. :)


  1. I used to be a coffee drinker ... until I realised I was drinking eight cups a day and was having trouble sleeping at night! After Uni I quit cold turkey (headachessss!!). I'm a tea drinker now.

    But nothing compares to a lovely cup of coffee ... except maybe that hot chocolate you described!

    x Jasmine

  2. First of all that hot chocolate sounds like it's heavenly. I'm a coffee drinker and have been so for a while now. (I used to drink tea a lot) I like a good cup of coffee at home but I will admit to being a Starbucks fan (If you get there straight coffee, be warned it is very strong)there are so many options out there to you'll soon find something that you love.


  3. I love me some coffee and tea! Hot chocolate is a wee bit too sweet for me. My husb and I finally bought a Nespresso coffee machine a few weeks ago and we are in love. His name is Hugh and he is a highly skilled barista. We don't often name our appliances, but this thing is so special!

  4. I adore iced coffee and drink it in snow storms, but there is something really charming about french-press.

    My family was so lucky to spend two weeks in London one summer, and the apartment we rented ONLY had a french press to satisfy all six of our coffee-loving needs. We fell in love with the process, and that Christmas my mother bought all her daughters french-presses.

    I quickly broke the glass part of mine. I'm thinking I might be reliable enough at this point to try again soon :)

  5. Mmm, I have no idea if you have access to it in your grocery stores (sadly, TX doesn't), but you need to check out Oregon Chai. It's "spiced," but less spicy than Tazo's chai tea. It's amazing.


  6. I'm a total tea drinker, though I have an unhealthy obsession with Starbucks. I love those fancy coffee drinks. And I totally agree with you about paris's hot chocolate. Whhhhyyyy isn't it in ouuuuurrr countryyyyy????

  7. Girl, all you need to know about coffee is: International Delight Almond Joy creamer. It's like heaven in a cup :)

  8. I have to say that the hot chocolate you described sounds amazing. On a regular basis I am definitely a coffee addict and it probably doesn't help that I've been working at Starbucks for the past four years. I have a french press that I love to use on mornings that I can sit and enjoy my time, but for on the go mornings, I just use a Mr. Coffee or make hot tea to take with me. But on the cool fall and winter days, I love hot russian tea. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it!

  9. super strong coffee with lots of milk. i don't remember a point in my childhood where i didn't like the taste of coffee. i had a french press for about a year until it broke :( so drip it is with my trusty little 4-cup Mr. Coffee (so cute!) even though it's pricier i make sure to buy organic/fair trade coffee because it tastes sooooo much better and is not horrible for the earth like most generic brands. aaaaand Starbucks=yuck.

  10. Yum!! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do love warm cinnamon chai tea from our local coffee house a few blocks away. My husband and I once walked through two feet of snow while it was still coming down to order some= worth it :)

  11. A good cup of coffee can set the tone for your entire day! I'm also a big mulled apple cider drinker even during the hot summer months! I just love the spicy goodness!

  12. You know me... I'm a Starbucks girl! Love me a chai tea latte! I also like a vanilla latte. I never had one of those French hot chocolates {it was August and crazy hot while I was there} but Em's told me about them. And one of these days, on a misty autumn morning, I'll be drinking one in Paris, I swear...

  13. Oh and of course tea. I drink a gallon of it every day!

  14. I'm a big fan of herbal tea!
    I used to love coffee, but I'm now unfortunately caffeine sensitive.
    Goodness! That sounds like majorly scrumptious hot cocoa! (Though, I bet it had a good bit of caffiene in it too...)

    Oh well!

    I'll enjoy my herbal teas. =)

    I'm excited to hear what name you choose for your lovely gal!

  15. Such a pretty photo! Love the ones of your bike as well!

  16. Welcome to the dark side, friend! Just the scent of coffee brewing sends me into a tizzy. Whenever I use the french press at home I feel ultra posh. (And yes, there's nothing like the hot chocolate in Paris. Holy moly, I miss it!)

  17. Did you happen to enjoy a drink of chocolatey heaven at Angela's in Paris? It is right by the Louvre. When I was there in January I had a Chocolate L'African and for that hour, I was in Pure Heaven.. They do their hot chocolate right!!

    As for coffee, I have never been into it but I do have a weakness for an white chocolate iced mocha from Starbucks.. Yumm!!!

  18. hello!
    i recently found your blog because of a post i saw featuring your bridesmaids boxes on the wedding gawker site.
    I just had to tell you that I relate so much to your wedding planning, it's crazy! I too am getting married June 30th, 2012, and we have the same color scheme! And I could not believe it when I read your post about the pressures from reading wedding blogs because you don't have the means those couples have to make everything "perfect". From what I have seen so far on your blog your wedding looks like it will be absolutely gorgeous, and I'm encouraged to see that there is another bride out there who feels the way I do about all this wedding stuff! Thanks for the inspiration.
    xo, Ashley

  19. That sounds delicious! I love hot cocoa so I'd be right there with you sipping it up! Although, I would try to replicate it because I just work that way. Coffee.... Hmm. I like the atmosphere at Starbucks but their coffee actually isn't my favorite. I tend to like vanilla lattes or drinks with lots of sugar in them! I still love my tea too!


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