the dress that almost wasn't.

I almost didn't buy--heck, I almost didn't leave the fitting room in this dress. My hips felt hippier and my knees felt more exposed than ever. But, my friend Stephanie coerced me out, and then worked with a sales associate to sway my vote.

"Wear it with a belt! Wear it on your honeymoon in Greece!", Stephanie exclaimed. Hmm...wear it in Greece, and a lot before than, I shall!

The strangest thing is this: Even though this dress screams Anthropologie to me, I found this cute little number at a sporting goods store. Of course this means there's absolutely no information about the designer online, however if you're in the midwest you might find this dress at your local Scheels. But, you know a good purchase is in the making when taxidermy deer overlooks you at the register. Also, today shirtless hippie told me it was "very pretty". 

So, wildlife experts and hippies agree: This dress is cute. Uh, yay?

P.S. In regards to the requests to visit my living room: Come anytime! Send me a fav snack list in advance, too. Truly! :) Well, just not this week. While my pal Stephanie is a very friendly gal, I'm sure she doesn't want to share the air mattress. So, hold off til next week. ;)


  1. lol no one EVER knows what scheels is. i totally work there. haha cute dress. :)

  2. The shirtless hippie is right. :)

    PS: Yes, I have been busting with Cassie's news since February!!! So excited that all is well AND that she's back to blogging. So happy, I did a happy little happy dance. Not. Even. Kidding.


  3. I would have never known the dress came from a place like that! haha you look awesome!

  4. Get out of town! That dress is adorable in every way! I would've never guessed it came from one of those creepy taxidermy type stores! ;)

  5. ADORE this dress. If you ever change your mind and hate it, feel free to donate it to Operation: Lizzie's Postpartum Wardrobe.

    ..it's a national charity.


  6. I agree with the Hippie. Of course now that I think of it...I usually do. By the way, thank YOU for posting your photo and the link for the burlap/ruffle lamp. I've been keeping my eye out for a sweet lamp idea and just adore this one! Oh, and what a great hostess you are!

  7. You are totally rocking that dress girl! It will look stunning in Santorini, complete with a cold glass of something in hand and a breath-taking view in the evening sunset!

    Dropped you a quick email dear girl to thank you for your wonderful words! And Erin's little ps here just made me break out the biggest smile - the lady did well keeping that secret!

  8. i'm glad you got it - i love it! and love the pop of red with it, too.

  9. I've been to the Scheels in Reno, NV- I love it there!

    That dress is so cute- good find!


  10. oh it's so cute! at first I wasn't sure if that was actually you or a pic of a model wearing it! i also kind of steer away from gathered skirts because I think they make my hips look huge, but maybe it's just the close-up view you get from the dressing room mirror? other girls always look so good (including you) and I know my body is not too abnormal haha.

  11. This dress is fabulous! That's what friends are for!

  12. You're right this dress is SO CUTE! Good choice, it's really sweet and feminine :)

    Just found your cute blog, and now I'm your newest follower :)


  13. LOVE that dress! How cute! You look fantastic in it :)

    x Jasmine


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