i believe in mondays.

(These are not my stunning legs...rather they belong to a gorgeous girlie whose portraits I shot this weekend!)

Today I'm continuing my I Believe in Mondays series, a weekly creative jumpstart in which I share the silly + serious things I've embraced throughout the past seven days. Ready? Here we go!

This week, I believe....

...in giveaways! Make sure you enter.

...in the use of sparklers after July 4th. They're charming, no matter the month.

...in buying a wedding dress off the sample rack, and waking up at 3am to realize that you might hate it. A lot. Then sending a panicked email + photo of yourself wearing said dress to your fiancee. Whoops.

...in missing your best friend the very moment you drive away from her.

...in the beauty of sleeping in your own bed after a long trip.

...in only drinking water if there's a packet of Crystal Light involved. I'm addicted. Hopelessly, helplessly addicted.

...in appreciating your hometown for the memories, but longing for a new vibe. Perhaps one with less humidity.

...in becoming pathetically obsessed with Mad Men four years after the rest of the world. Love it so much it hurts my brain.

What do you believe in today? Everything? Nothing?


  1. ahh... i have to agree with the bed one - such a relief after a trip, even if it was a fun one!

    love that portrait!

  2. I'm really anxious to hear about how the wedding dress dilemma turns out...Happy Monday!

  3. I've just started watching Mad Men too (I LOVE YOU NETFLIX) and have become obsessed!

    I also bought my first wedding dress right off the sample rack, hated it a while later, and then replaced with, in my opinion, a stunning one. I'm all for shopping until you get it right!

  4. i believe in tuesdays to save me from monday? :)

  5. Such a good list :) I believe in super hot showers every morning and enjoying every second I get to spend with my family. Time just goes by too fast!

    Ohh..and speaking of giveaways, I'm doing one too! You should enter. :)


  6. I am obsessed with Crystal Light iced tea with lemon, and I am currently hooked on season four of Mad Men.

    Hope everything works out with the dress!

  7. I love the list and agree with you on the your own bed one for sure. Always a lovely thing. I also believe in spending time with famly as Mandy said and also a good cup of coffee waiting for me.

  8. In fresh starts! Guess that's why I'm one of the few too who like Mondays :-)

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

  9. I believe that one day goodbye's won't be so painful:(

    I love the new "I believe in Mondays" series that you are doing! I have never seen Mad Men so I will definitely have to check that out:)
    Can't wait to hear more about your wedding dress!

  10. I believe Monday's are the very best day for starting a new diet

    I also believe all water should contain Crystal Light (have you tried the Target Brand's Lime Margarita? YUM!)

  11. I believe in "I Believe in Mondays"! What a fab feature.

    I believe in making the most of summer vacation. In taking the kids for ice cream and letting them have the {more expensive but also more delicious} waffle cone. I believe in making plans with girlfriends for every single day some weeks. I believe in the power of a letter in your mailbox to make you smile.

    I believe in a cup of tea. Going to make one right now!

  12. I have to tell you that I am in the exact same boat with Mad Men. I just saw all the episodes were now on instant play for netflix about a month ago and have gone through the whole show since then. Also, working at a coffee shop just feeds my coffee addiction, can't go a day without it!

  13. I believe in... eating chocolate before 10am (most of the time peanut butter m&ms) only working from home if I am on my laptop in bed and getting married in Mexico October 22, 2011 :) Love your blog!!!

  14. I am right there with you on Mad Men...just started watching season one a few months ago and am obsessed with it.

    Also, so awesome that you've also made a "love search" for your man. Kindred spirits :)

  15. I believe in eating fresh fruit - I just ate a whole cup of wild blueberries freshly picked in the bush down the gravel road today :) Doesn't get more organic than that!


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