i believe in mondays.

(My embarrassingly under-used kitchen countertop.)

Hello, girls! I'm back from another weekend out of town (that's three in a row!), and I cannot believe it's Monday again. Summer is flying, no? School is quickly sneaking up on me, and I just won't have it. I'm throwing my fingers in my ears and screaming "Lalalalalala!" as I pretend it will always be summer. That's a lovely dream. But as for the present, it's time for another I Believe in Mondays!

This week, I believe...

...in making dinner for my houseguest...and therefore cooking for the first time in my new apartment...(Blushing.)

...in naming my bicycle Millieestellefernstelladaphniepenelopeevianapearlaliceessiemyrtle
daisyelodielilyhazelvictoria. All lovely names from you! But, since that's a mouthful, I shall call her Millie for short.

...in a father who changes your oil without being asked. So lucky.

...in cussing when stuck in construction. Good heavens, Minneapolis detours are beastly.

...the joy of a drizzly summer day.

...in unpacking as infrequently as possible. If I've only a week or two between trips, I often just remove the dirty clothes, wash and place back in suitcase. Not-so-glam, but true.

...in never leaving IKEA empty-handed. Ever. 

I've been loving your additions in the comment section to I Believe in Mondays. So, as always, what are you believin' in this Monday?


  1. This Monday I believe in

    -cooking most of my meals
    -shopping at a thrift store
    -keeping in touch with my spiritual self (which I've been sorely lacking in)
    -planning a picnic for my main guy!

    Happy Monday Bethany!

    (and I love all those bike names.... I really don't know if I could just pick one)

  2. believing in...
    bubbles baths
    hot tea
    and swimming :)

  3. i believe in many of those too - espec ikea!

    i also believe in YOU! i know you will cook something delicious! confidence! ;)

  4. I believe that there is no bad time for Death Cab for Cutie.
    I believe in incense.
    I believe in staying up all night because I feel inspired, even when I know I have to get up early.
    I believe in new friends.
    I believe in girls nights.

  5. I hope you and Millie will be very happy together!

    I believe in fresh cut flowers on my desk AND kitchen table as often as possible.

    I believe in walking in the grass in my bare feet.

    I believe in staying up late to read a really good book.

    I believe in treating myself to an iced chai tea latte!

    And I believe that it's some sort of crime to walk out of IKEA empty-handed. So well done, you, for avoiding arrest! What did you buy?

  6. I believe in staying up way too late on Sunday nights as to keep the weekend going as long as possible.

    ....believe in having the Monday lunch for the workday prepared and ready to go, with that special treat added like these "I love you cookies" I made for my honey for work. I made a little linen pouch and stuffed it with his favorite oatmeal cookies and a little tag that said "I LOVE YOU COOKIES". Mondays are always best if well prepared for them. The least we can do.

    ..believe in never grabbing a cart at a retail store. If I cant hold it in my arms to get to the check out, I don't get it. It helps me eliminate the must haves from the spontaneous purchase. Its a great way to keep on a tight budget.

    .Believe in dancing and singing in your home as awful and silly as possible in front of your spouse, bf, finance...a great way to just laugh and get the seriousness out of a relationship.

  7. I believe in taking advantage of the amazing produce filling the stores right now. Who needs to cook when you can eat the fresh stuff. Yum

  8. yay! millie!

    i (can't) believe that school starts in a week!

  9. I love this post! I'll definitely be chiming in on Mondays from now on :)
    I believe...
    -that the long distance is worth it
    -that s'mores are the most perfect summer dessert
    -in hugging my parents goodnight every night while I'm home
    -in to-do lists
    -in reading a book instead of a magazine by the pool every once in awhile.
    Hope you had a great Monday!
    Lisa xoxo

  10. Um, I believe in jealously over your ridiculously cute kitchen! :P

    I also believe in the healing power of biscuits (cookies) and tea when you're not well.

    x Jasmine

  11. i don't think i ever realized that you live in minnesota! me too! :)

    xox, eden

  12. I can't believe how close school is! It's just not fair! I can't believe that you and I won't be Stoutians anymore -- and that I won't be able to see you around school (not like I ever saw you before!) :)


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