state fair care package.

Hey friends! Sorry to go MIA yesterday. I've had a few ultra exciting, unexpected things happen recently, and my time has slipped away! But! There were requests for a ribbon/badge tutorial, and I'll happily be sharing that tomorrow...be sure to check back in!

Shortly after meeting last August, Gabe and I took a little trip to the Minnesota State Fair, where we frolicked about in search of a gol' durn deep fried Snickers stand for at least an hour. Along the way we made sure to bump into a few other delicacies...like onion rings and hot dogs and cotton candy. Fancy travels aside, it was one of my favorite dates ever. State fairs are charming beyond belief: the lights, the cute 4H barn + loads of ribbons, the food, the stolen kisses atop ferris wheels.

Since Gabe can't be home to make this an annual tradition...I thought it best to send the state fair to him. Unfortunately for his waistline...State Fair Package = Loads of Junk Food. Whoops!

old school bottled root beer. snickers (sadly, not deep fried!). adorable flat taffy + saltwater taffy. mini ice cream cone candies. gummy hot dogs. caramel corn. funyuns (oh to send real onion rings!). cotton candy.

I wrapped those suckers up in state fair reds, whites, blues and golds...pronto. As in: before I could eat anything. Then I cranked out a few 1st Place Ribbons for my dude. You know, if life were a 4-H competition and I were the judge, he would have won:

Best Hugs
Best Kisser (saucy.)
Best Heart
Best Gun Show (boy's got muscles!)
Best Brain
Best Buns (double. saucy.)

I'm 100% certain these will make him blush. And if so? Mission accomplished.

Have you ever visited your state fair? Got a favorite fair food or ride? If it's Pickle on a Stick or the Tomahak ride...you have my respect.


  1. Fried dough. I'll go anywhere that has fried dough.

    I absolutely love the colors you used! What a great idea!

  2. EEEEEEEK!! So cute!! I heart fairs. I go to everyone SD has to offer I think. State fair is coming up and I would die to pass out ribbons that said BEST BUNS out! haha! : ) I was in 4-H for 13 years sooooooo I appreciate the shout out ; )

  3. How Cute! What a thoughtful, fun package. And, yes, it should elicit a few manly blushes. I had wondered about the gun show in yesterday's post...

  4. And the "Best Fiance" award goes to you! Great idea and so sweet! I wish I was this thoughtful for my husband. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. The Minnesota State Fair is THE best state fair EVER. :D I always, always, always get Tom Thumb donuts in all their greasy, sugary, deep-fried glory. And then the double ferris wheel has got to be the best ride. It's been my dad's favorite ride since he was a little kid going to the MN State Fair, and ever since he introduced me to it when I was little I've been hooked. :)

    You're so sweet and creative, he's going to LOVE it all like crazy. :)

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  6. Very cute idea!! My boyfriend and I are heading to the MN state fair saturday and I can't wait for it to be a chosen event for us every year!! I hope that you and Gabe are able to attend next year after the wedding!!

  7. OH, okay... that kind of gun show!

    I am all about those teeny, greasy little donuts covered in sugar and cinnamonn. Mmmmboy!

  8. Deep fried snickers sound crazy! The Scottish love their deep fried mars bars but I think snickers are just as bad and sound just as disgusting - are they nice, really though?

    I love how you packaged it all up and you are fantastic Bethany at thinking of every last detail. Sure he will love it all.

  9. Such a cute package idea! I went to two state fairs, one in Delaware and one in York, PA. Found the usual fried food, but of course my favorite thing is Funnel Cake who doesn't like fired dough with sugar on top?

  10. He will love it! Such a sweet thought. And that much sugar is rarely a bad thing!

  11. You just might be my inspiration for craftiest/cutest person ever. Gabe's gonna love it...sauce and all ;)

  12. Oh my goodness. You are too adorable. This is so cute.

  13. So cute!! You are so crafty! I love this idea and how you put everything together, looks awesome!

  14. We used to go to the state fair every single year when I was a kid. In high school it was the place to be seen, and usually the best spot for a first day (helloooo, snuggling next to each other on the ferris wheel??).

    Sadly, it stopped coming to my hometown and that makes me sad. I have yet to find a replacement in my new town.



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