I've been having the strangest dreams ever.

A few nights ago I dreamt that Gabe was lost in Iraq, and no one would help me find him. In my next dream, I showed up to my wedding without having written my vows--as an expressive girl, showing up with a blank sheet is pretty much my worst nightmare. Next, in dreamland I was on an eternal road trip after losing my luggage...wearing the same thing day after day after day while searching for my lost suitcase.

I rarely remember my dreams. And when I do, they're not stressful. What is up with all that. And yet while they're a little pesky, I'm oddly fascinated by this little psychological dreamland turn.

Are you a dream-rememberer, or do you forget within moments of waking? And do you think dreams really mean anything, or are they like clouds passing--open to whatever interpretation the viewer sees fit?


  1. Interesting dream there Bethany. I usually don't remember dreams in full but once in a while I will and I wake up thinking "Whoa how did I manage to dream about that?" and sometimes just for fun I do go to those interpretation sites as well. Depends on who ya are but though whether you believe it or not to. To each their own :-)

  2. I have really, REALLY weird dreams now that I'm pregnant but then again, I had weird dreams before too... I think my subconscious is a little too active. I don't ever think anything of it though because it usually ties in with something I was either doing or talking about earlier in the day or about a fear I have. Either way, I hate those ones that feel so real even after you wake up!

  3. I am sure I read somewhere recently that women have more vivid and strange dreams than men and that we remember them far more.
    I do think that they mean we are thinking about certain things in sleep sometimes too but I have always been effected by what I watch/do/read before bed and it is often incorporated in my dreams.
    Right now I have the most bizarre dreams because I am pregnant - weird things hormones!

  4. Oh man, when I remember my dreams they are VIVID and intricate. It's fun to remember them, but I don't put a lot of stock in meaning. I think they can kind of show us what we've been thinking about lately, but I don't think they are huge indicators of deep-seeded problems or insights into the future, really. It's just kind of your brain puking everything up. :P

  5. I normally don't remember my dreams. But lately I've been having crazy dreams! Like, last night. I dreamed that I had hairy knees. The rest of my legs were totally clean shaven, but my knees hadn't been shaved in months (no idea why).

  6. I woke up thinking about dreams this morning too. Mine lately have been a combonof action and horror movies, not the wayni want to spend my nights!

  7. i have the craziest, craziest dreams! i always have. and i always remember them. i can remember dreams from years ago... details and everything.

    i think this is how i will become rich. i will have the best dream and make it a bestselling book, like stephenie myer of twilight fame. yep, that's what i'm gonna do...

    my husband doesn't remember any of his dreams!

  8. The closer I got to my wedding the more bizarre my dreams got about the dress, cake, invites--anything you can imagine. Everything turned out fine though on my big day.

  9. I am an incredibly vivid dreamer-- I remember sounds, smells and colors.. Pregnancy dreams are by far the craziest, though.

    Sounds like you are having stress-related dreams from wedding planning. Take a little vaca from it. It will all be there when you get back :)



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