I've been in this uninspired funk for the past two days where life is a little dull. Perhaps it's the winding down of summer--ticking off all the "To Dos" that I "To Didn't". It could be that school is starting up in a week, and with it comes a fresh batch of intense anxiety. Maybe it's coming down from Cloud 9, exciting vacations, visiting guests and getting engaged. Could be that I need a girls' night out. But no matter how I slice it, it comes back to one thing.

I just miss my fiance. We've knocked out two of the six months between visits...and that's exciting. Yet it seems that with every separation I have this breakdown at month #2 in which I find myself sobbing into nachos and binging on reality TV. I've Youtubed laughing babies. And baby goats. All my usual tricks, and I'm still feeling a smidge down.

Got any good pick-me-up tips? I could use them. :)


  1. I find that working out helps me. Get out and ride your bike for a bit. The fresh air and the exercise can really help. Or, if I'm too lazy to do that, I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure. Pretty nails can cure everything. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. I've been through a lot the last 6 months. The worst 6 months of my entire life to be honest. I lost my best friend due to him freezing to death. Was very unexpected and I was supposed to be with him that night. It's been hard and the days have been dark! I have used food as kind of an outlet. I've ate a ton or ate nothing. Recently, I've been exercising. Yesterday I was running and bawling. Haha, it's a great outlet for me. It helps me to know I'm helping myself and clearing my head. When my legs hurt my heart doesn't so much ya know? I can't imagine having Matt gone that long - my heart goes out to you!! Just remember doing your little crafty stuff and all that other jazz is YOU and that's what your fiance loves you for! If he was physically with you that's what he'd be pushing you to do. Love is inspiration in itself! Try to remember that after the storm there comes a rainbow. Even though this sucks - it too will pass and someday you'll be together everyday! It gives you something to look forward to! Use that for inspiration and motivation to just keep chugging along. Hang in there! :)

  3. Exercise saved me in Namibia. It got my mind off of worries and let the endorphins flow. Even if it was just a walk! I think it also makes treats taste that much better :)


    P.S. If you feel the need to write just to vent, or talk, or a n y t h i n g, I'm here, girlfriend :)

  4. Youtube "Baby Monkey Riding on a Pig" and it should be the first result. That's pretty good. Beyond that I'd say keeping busy (like redecorating your office - fantastic). Plus lots and lots of coffee dates with some girlfriends. Make sangria. Make cookies. Make a difference. Oh, plus I find that volunteering at the SPCA and looking at sweet puppies and kitties all afternoon keeps me a bit happier too.

  5. I go speed walking on days I find hard to get through. I'll listen to music really loudly, and go speed walking for 20 minutes or so. HUGS.

  6. I think you should ride your bike to the market and get yourself a big bunch of flowers, and some tasty treats (fresh fruit, a baguette...) Ride around town, get a cold drink, enjoy the late summer sun. Then ride home, prepare a delicious snack to eat on your pretty porch (and how convenient, you just picked up some bread and fruit!). Then take yourself inside, put on a fun/funny movie, and get cozy on the couch. Let me recommend a film... Have you ever seen The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz? Get it!

    You'll get through this funk, my friend, don't you worry.

    Oh, and now that I think of it, soak in your tub with that Miss Happy Pants bath salt I sent you. It was meant for days like these!

  7. Everyone here has great ideas to help. I cannot begin to imagine being separated for that long from my hubby, so I really feel for you.

    Sure the start of school will keep your mind occupied and inspired once more too.

    Take care xx

  8. Get a hug. From anyone. Just walk up to someone and hug them. Hugs have healing powers, I'm positively convinced of it. Spend a lot of time in lovely blogland, I've found these beautiful ladies are capable of getting me out of my funkiest funk. Force yourself to do something creative. Even when I absolutely don't feel like writing, making myself do it usually ends in me feeling a whole heck of a lot lighter than when I started. Talk to those you love, and talk to them about what's bothering you. Somewhere along the line, someone's gonna say that perfect thing that clicks in your soul and makes things a little more bearable. Make a delicious fruit salad. For whatever reason, a fresh strawberry or pineapple always brightens up my day (and tastes delicious, too!)

    I don't know if those are actually all that helpful, but I hope they are! Remember you are loved, and you love, and those are two of the most beautiful things in life. :)

  9. i love this photo of you two!

    it has always helped me to stay extremely busy. that, or disappear into a book. i find that reading is a great escape!

    hope you're feeling better already :)

  10. My boyfriend had to leave for a month after we had only been dating a couple of weeks. Though our relationship was still new, we were very much in love, so the month long separation seemed like eternity; I can only image what you are going through being away from Gabe for so long.
    Exercise didn't help me, but staying busy did. School was a great comfort as it got me thinking about other things and had me interacting with people. After that, I would just wait until we were able to Skype (a livesaver!) and try to focus on my own creative projects. My suggestion would be to make as many care packages for Gabe as your sanity and wallet can handle! It will help you both feel like you're closer to each other. Keep doing the things you love to do, and try to fit in a new thing or two every now and again. And write. Write a lot. About anything and everything that's on your mind. Don't worry about how it sounds, just write about how you feel (whether that's on your blog or in a personal journal) so that it gets off your chest. Talking also helped me a lot. The people who love you will listen without judgement, and I ALWAYS felt better after, even if it was just for a little while.
    We're all here for you if you ever need anything...keep on truckin and hang in there! You're 1/3 of the way through, and Gabe will be back before you know it. Sending lots of love and feel-good thoughts your way until then! :)

  11. Listen to y'alls songs and wear his t-shirts! I always sleep in my fiance's shirts when he is out of town! Also I like to spray his cologne around my bed when he hasn't been over in a few days! Hope this helps!:)

  12. Two words: cheesy magazines.

    Also, I always always ALWAYS feel better after a big walk & some fresh air.

    Hang in there, ma chèrie!

  13. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years, and it just recently became a temporary long distance relationship. I'm on month 5 out of 8.
    I really enjoy making things to send to him, but I know you already do that...

    Zooey Deschanel movies help, taking long drives so you can sing as loudly as possible in your car...I try to stay away from museums or places I know will just make me miss his company more...books. Books are always good.
    Above all else, give yourself a spa night. Do your nails, toenails, face mask, exfoliate.
    Or go pay someone to give you a massage. Ever had a face massage? It sounds weird, but it's AMAZING.

  14. I can borrow you my baby.... He makes everyone happy! My hubby and I lived long distance for 2 years, it's tough bit your a tougher cookie!

  15. sorry you're feeling bluesy. i know you're already doing this, but keep writing - even if it's posts you never publish. writing is always cathartic for me...

    and maybe have a piece of chocolate while you're doing that :)

  16. To be honest, if baby goats don't do it, I don't know what will. :)

    But seriously, maybe it's okay to just be sad for a bit. And once school begins again and you're super busy, you probably won't have as much time to think about it. I'm not saying you won't still miss him; I'm just saying sometimes being distracted by a full schedule helps us past a funk.

  17. Oooh, or look at this photo (how's that for timing?): http://www.isuwannee.com/2011/09/donkey-of-day.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ISuwannee+%28i+suwannee%29

  18. You've got healthy readers. All these suggestions of working out.

    My remedy for a traveling boyfriend is 30 Rock, Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig, baking lopsided but delicious cakes, craft projects and silly girlfriends. I can't speak for this "running" they speak of.

  19. Umm... Always Bloggy?? Getting to meet the two coolest girls in Philadelphia (and maybe two of the coolest babies as well)? HELLEERRRR????

    Seriously though, you'll come out of this once school starts. You'll be so busy that the Gabester will be back before you know it ;)

    Lots of love your way,

  20. pick-me-ups:
    1. come visit me.
    2. junk bonanza is coming.
    3. and the doors at hunt & gather, anthropologie, etc. are always open.


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