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I knew something was brewing yesterday when my mom asked me to stop by the house with my camera, so she could snap some photos of a craft project. Infact, two flags were raised from this request:

1. My mother is not a crafter. 

2. My father owns about 567,345 bajillion cameras that are nicer than mine.

But the offer came with free pizza, so of course I showed. And who should greet me in the driveway? The sweetest lab-mix you've ever met, complete with a pink bow! This weekend, my parents had adopted 5-year-old Winnie, fully housebroken and fully trained.

Last month, our kitten passed away and contrary to all "pet-grief" guidelines, my sis and I had already started the dialogue on getting a new pet...but it seems our parents beat us to the punch!  While I'll always have a soft spot for puppies (Gabe has promised we'll get one someday)...it is nice that Winnie's energy has leveled out, and that we won't find her wetting on the carpet!

Unfortunately Winnie doesn't have a hot career as a doggie model--the poor thing couldn't quite sit still long enough for me to capture her. She was much more interested in taking her fourth (!!) walk of the day and the six bacon treats stuffed in my back pocket.

(My mom, sis and Winnie on our walk.)

If there's any silver lining to be found in losing a pet it is this: life has given you the chance to fall in love with a new pet all over again, even sooner than you thought you could. 

And after a round of teary goodbyes, a new hello is so very welcome.


  1. What a darling doggie! I think it's FANTASTIC that she's five years old. Your parents did a great service. As someone who volunteers at the SPCA I get heartbroken seeing puppies snatched up time and time again while dogs that are 5+ years generally get left behind only to get older and less "desirable". They are so sweet and full of love to bursting though! Plus, as you said, already trained!

    She is a darling and I'm so happy your family could find a new pet to love all over!

  2. Ah, sweet Winnie! I love her! She and Luna can be blog pet friends ;) So happy for your family!

  3. so adorable!!! and what kind of camera do you have?

    congrats on the new addition to your family :)

  4. Winnie is beautiful! I'm with Alli-I'm so excited to see an older pet get adopted. Although I'm happy when any pet gets adopted, it's heartbreaking to see those "less desirable" ones get left behind time and time again even though they are smart, loyal, housebroken, well behaved creatures.

    I hope you and your family have many lovely years with darling Ms. Winnie!

  5. I love her! I have heard that the passing of a pet can be so traumatic, so it's good that Winnie can fill that hole Rudy left. :)

  6. She is such a cutie and a treasure for your family! xx


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