how to: make one dollar wall art.

Happy girls are the prettiest.--Audrey Hepburn

Lately I've been having the trickiest time getting to sleep, as well as the strangest dreams. The other night after waking up from a scary dream, I laid awake in bed for about twenty minutes staring at the blank wall across from my bed. And then it hit me. Wire wall art. I needed to make some. A quote to cheer up the blank wall I stare at during my 2am wake up sessions. So, I grabbed the closest permanent marker, scrawled "WIRE WALL ART" on my palm, and prayed I wouldn't wake with it on my cheek. (I didn't.) The next morning I woke and did just that. Wall art: check!

It took a few hours, but that's likely because I'm an ADD crafter who alternates between several crafts at once. But the best part of all: I only spent $0.99, and have at least 75 feet of wire left should I ever need copious amounts of galvanized wire...

Anyway, here's how I created it! You will need:

1 100 ft. spool of 18-gauge galvanized wire (I found this in the automotive dept. for $0.99)
1 pliers
1 hot glue gun
1 can of spray paint

1. Using Microsoft Word, create + print a template for your word or phrase in the size and font style you'd like on your wall. I used Learning Curve (available here) because it has size continuity from letter to letter, as well as a continuous loop--it made for easy wire sculpting!

2. Cut off a length of wire by bending the wire back and forth with a pliers--after several seconds it will get warm and break from the roll. (Word to the wise: it takes more than you might think--cut a generous amount!)

3. Begin to form the letters, following the letter pattern on your paper. Kind of like tracing over the top of it with wire. I formed mine just like I would write in cursive--lots of doubling back with stems and loops! It helps to use a pliers to manipulate the wire...especially so you can really smooth out any kinks or smoosh together stems of letters like "p" or "t", if you've doubled back, cursive-style. Your hands might get a little tired, so take your time!

4. Once your word is finished, cut off any excess wire. Use excess wire to form crossbars of the letter "t" or dots for "i" or "j". I attached my crossbars with a lil' hot glue. I formed my "i" by creating a little wire spiral, and then looping that through the top of the "i" and pinching tight with the pliers. Feel free to also hot glue together any loops that won't stay crossed in the right place.

5. Spray paint black and let dry.

6. Hang. And love!

I rarely like my own DIY projects, but I've been loving this. I attached a few felt flowers to the wall, too, to keep it ultra cheery. Don't worry about being perfect. Imperfections only make it look sweeter! And that's my favorite kind of craft.


  1. ADORABLE my dear! You are so crafty and talented! xox

  2. you are so crafty and lovely! must must must do this. i agree with this quote-- and love looks good on you just so you know ;)

  3. Oh my...just pinned this! Love it...you are so very talented! Totally doing this myself...maybe for the birthday party I'm hosting this weekend? Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love the idea Bethany, as well as the quote you used!! I'm so jealous of your artsyness!
    <3 Kiersten

  5. this is so beautiful you are really talented x

  6. This looks great! I just moved into a new house near the UofM campus and something on the walls like this would be wonderful!

  7. Hi, I came cross this post through pinterest actually, and now I've found your blog & fallen in love!

    Would you ever consider making something like this? And selling?

    For the non creative people like me who admire the creative souls like you :)



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